CouCou Hotpot Turns Seven and They’ve Added New Menu Items Including the Nanyang Laksa Soup Base


Headquartered in Taiwan, CouCou Hotpot is marking its seventh year in business this year. CouCou Singapore, in celebration of the seventh anniversary, has revamped its menu with new dishes including local favourite Laksa Soup Base and the finest F1 wagyu beef from Japan, both of which are sure to elevate your hotpot experience to new heights.

CouCou’s mala soup, made with their trademark Taiwanese Style Spicy Soup Base, has become a fan favourite among the locals since its launch, winning over hearts with its flavour that is full without being overpowering. Even better, the mala soup comes with an unlimited serving of braised tofu, so there’s plenty to go around for everyone. If you’d like some braised tofu to go with your dinner, just inform your server and they’ll be happy to provide you a serving.

Prime Pork Belly Cuts.

Each of the three Coucou Hotpot outlets in Singapore has its own distinct identity for an unforgettable dining experience. The Suntec City outlet entry features a foggy lake with floating boats and even a special karaoke lounge where customers can sing along while enjoying a hotpot dinner!

The karaoke room is equipped with a KTV machine and microphones for up to 12 persons.

New Menu Highlights

The Nanyang Laksa Soup basis (S$38/Single, S$24/Twin), which features spices from the Nanyang curry and tofu puff, is influenced by traditional Singaporean cuisine. The addition of hazelnut gives the curry a familiar and comforting nutty flavour. It certainly speaks to the local Singaporean.

As the beef and pork slices boil, they absorb all the spices for a kaleidoscope of flavour, creating deliciously spicy and sweet flavours all in one. The thick soup makes for a terrific broth to dip meats in.

Flavourful Laksa Soup Base.

F1 Wagyu Japanese Sirloin (S$68) from Kyushu, Japan is a must-try for beef connoisseurs due to its rich flavour and tender texture. Beef from these hybrid cows is so delicate and marbled that it rivals the flavour of purebred wagyu, and it’s all because to the maize they eat. There is no need for a dipping sauce because the meat is absolutely delicious on its own.

Bowl of goodness for everyone.

Exclusive Singapore Menu Items

Other new menu items available only in Singapore outlets include Beancurd Puff, soft tofu pockets that soak up the broth when dipped into the soup. Or while waiting for your meats to cook, enjoy fried sides like the fluffy Fried Lotus Leaf Bun (S$9) and delectable Deep-Fried Oyster (S$9).

Cuttlefish Stuffed Portobello Mushroom with Tobiko (S$22), stuffed portobello mushrooms with minced cuttlefish and tobiko, will have everyone fighting for seconds. There is also the Lychee Ball With Shrimp (S$9), which is designed to look and taste like the fruit with the combination of sweet lychee and fresh prawn for a juicy burst of flavour.

Coucou Hotpot is located at Suntec City, i12 Katong and Jewel Changi. 


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