UNA Presents an Elevated Dining Experience With Michelin-Starred Chef Diego Grimberg


Spanish restaurant UNA is bringing their culinary experience to a whole new level. The restaurant – located at The Alkaff Mansion – is welcoming Michelin-starred chef Diego Grimberg to the team as the chef takes on the role of Culinary Advisor. This ground-breaking partnership is a major step forward for UNA.

To kick off this collaboration, from 7 to 9 August 2023, Chef Diego Grimberg will host a series of exclusive dinners featuring his exquisite cuisine. You can expect to indulge in a culinary experience as Chef Diego wows the crowd with his mastery of a wide variety of cuisines and techniques.

Christopher Millar, Senior Director of 1-Group, said it was an honour to welcome Michelin-starred Chef Diego Grimberg to the UNA Team. He explained that the Michelin-starred chef’s talents and commitment to the art of gastronomy are in line with the company’s mission to provide diners with unforgettable experiences at its UNA restaurant.

Chef Diego is joined by his sommelier wife, Matilde Rinaldis, further adding a layer of appeal to the collaboration. Matilde has thoughtfully crafted a wine pairing selection that perfectly complements Chef Diego’s inventive food, offering an exceptional dining experience for UNA guests.

An Extraordinary Culinary Journey

The culinary odyssey that Diego Grimberg has been on is a remarkable one. During the opening of Albert Adria’s Michelin-starred restaurant Enigma in Barcelona, Chef Grimberg served as the restaurant’s chief chef and quickly rose to prominence. His extraordinary talent and originality were instrumental in making Enigma the renowned dining destination that it is today.

Chef Diego Grimberg and wife Matilde Rinaldis. The husband and wife team-up will collaborate to serve memorable meals.

Chef Grimberg has been the Executive Chef at Hofmann Restaurant since the year 2021. Hofmann is both a restaurant (with one Michelin star) and a cooking school, with a long history of excellence in Catalan cuisine and a commitment to training the next generation of Spanish chefs. In addition to being a world-class chef, Chef Diego brings to UNA a deep commitment to mentoring the next generation of culinary professionals.

In 2022, Tom Kung, Executive Chef at UNA, got to spend some time in Chef Diego’s kitchen at Hofmann. By working side by side, Chef Tom was able to fully absorb Chef Diego’s culinary expertise, laying the groundwork for a lasting friendship and future partnership. Chef Tom went to San Sebastian and Barcelona to scope out local food suppliers and eateries.

The chefs will get together once more in Barcelona in October and travel to San Sebastian for the famed Gastronomika event. This represents 1-Group’s dedication to training and educating its employees so that they can produce gourmet meals of the highest standard.

Mentoring Future Singaporean Kitchen Masters

Making the most of his stint in Singapore, Chef Diego Grimberg will also share his enormous knowledge and expertise. As the Chief Teacher at the Hofmann Culinary School, Chef Grimberg will mentor  rising culinary talent of Singapore’s Culinary Institute of America. A hands-on cooking session hosted by Chef Diego and Sommelier Matilde will give aspiring chefs a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from a master of the craft, encouraging and guiding them to excellence.

Following this exciting dinner series in August, Chef Diego and Chef Tom will continue to drive the menu and culinary direction for UNA.

The Alkaff Mansion will open the unique La Rioja Alta tasting facility as a prelude to 1-Group’s Wine Lust 2023 program. Sommelier Matilde will lead an exclusive master class, highlighting her recent visit to the La Rioja Alta winery in July. UNA is happy to deliver the flavour of Spanish wines to The Alkaff Mansion as the ambassador of La Rioja Alta. The opening of the La Rioja Alta Wine Tasting Room at the private wine cellar will be a spectacular occasion that will celebrate the essence of outstanding wines and the tales behind each bottle.


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