BUZUD Singapore Launches New Store at Square 2 Along With New Hearing Aids Product


One of Singapore’s up and coming medical equipment company, BUZUD is hot on the heels of its competition with a series of expansion plans. The company is set to open a new store at Square 2 on 22 June 2023.

Even as healthcare technology advances at a dizzying pace, BUZUD is committed to providing individuals with tailored options. That is the reason why the company has continuously come up with new products – the latest being the BUZUD Hearing Aids.

Frankie Fan, Chief Executive Officer of BUZUD, shared that the company has been rapidly investing in hearing aid research and development since 2006. Since then, BUZUD has accumulated a number of patents over the years. These patents not only include cutting-edge innovations in the hearing aid business, but also a wide range of different hearing aid technologies.

Finding Solutions for Increasing Hearing Problems

Buzud Hearing Aids.

Research indicates that between five and seven percent of the Singaporean population experiences some form of hearing loss. About 40% of those aged 60 and over have some kind of hearing impairment, and the rate rises with age.

BUZUD’s exclusive collection of state-of-the-art hearing aids are priced affordably as the company wishes to keep their products accessible to as many people as possible, given that hearing aids tend to be priced on the high side. Approved by the Health Authority of Singapore, these hearing aids are designed, patented, and produced entirely within the company. The aids also block out loud noises while making it easier to hear and be heard in busy places.

The wearer of a BUZUD hearing aid can tailor the device’s amplification to their specific listening environment by selecting the listening location (front, back or rear).

Start hearing everybody loud and clear.

In order to stop additional hearing loss, BUZUD created cutting-edge bone conduction technology. It improves sound quality by transmitting sound vibrations directly to the inner ear, skipping the outer and middle ears altogether. The hearing aids have capabilities like directional microphones and signal-to-noise ratio adjustment that greatly enhance their effectiveness in noisy settings.

To empower their customers, BUZUD incorporated cutting-edge AI technology into their hearing aids. Connecting two hearing aids allows the user to run independent diagnostic tests on their hearing. The AI technology also offers guidance on how to fine-tune your hearing aid. The mobile phone app’s control capabilities allow the user to easily manage their listening experience, including altering settings, turning off background noise, and selecting from a variety of listening modes.

The headphones are splash-proof and include an adjustable noise-cancelling mode that can be fine-tuned with a single click for the best possible listening experience no matter the environment.

BUZUD hearing aids are equipped with rechargeable batteries that may last for up to 72 hours between charges. It can be fully charged in only 20 minutes using the company’s compact, inconspicuous, and pocket-friendly fast-charging case.

Hearing Aids Promotion

In conjunction with the opening of its newest location at Square 2, BUZUD is giving a 50% discount on all hearing aids (normally priced at S$699+) to all Singapore citizens. This promotion is valid until 31 August 2023.

For more information, please visit BUZUD’s outlets or official website https://buzud.com/.


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