Philippines’ Leading Airline Cebu Pacific Transitions to Electric Vehicle to Service Employees


Cebu Pacific (PSE: CEB), the Philippines’ leading airline, is transitioning its Juander Shuttle service to 100% electric, zero-emission minibuses for employee travel.

The Juander Shuttle service is provided free of charge by CEB to transport its employees to and from its main office in Pasay City to various pick-up and drop-off places along chosen routes throughout Greater Metro Manila.

The COMET e-vehicle transport.

With the 100% electric COMET vehicles, CEB is thrilled to provide a more sustainable commuting service for their employees. This program is part of the company’s efforts to decarbonise their operations. In this case, CEB is switching from diesel-powered cars to a more sustainable electric option.

At the same time, because of its higher seating capacity, the larger COMET will be able to accommodate more riders. It also has safety and connection features that will benefit our commuting personnel.

GET Philippines, Inc. provides the electric minibuses known as Community Optimised Managed Electric Transport, or COMET. COMET vehicles are fully air-conditioned and have retractable ramps for disabled passengers. They are outfitted with a media system, display monitors, and an internet connection for the passengers’ use.

Cebu Pacific is dedicated to minimising its environmental impact. This includes reducing emissions from its flights through its aircraft modernisation program, as well as addressing emissions from its ground operations.

CEB acknowledges the need to reduce emissions from our ground operations in addition to decarbonising their aircraft fleet.  The airline has begun a multi-year campaign to convert their ground transportation network to zero-emission alternatives.  This also lends credence to the government’s initiative to encourage electric vehicles in the country’s transportation sector.


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