Ayana Komodo Waecicu Makes 100% Commitment to Conserving Marine Life


The health of coral reefs continues to be threatened in many tropical locations across the world. As part of its AYANA Cares initiative and in an effort to conserve marine life, AYANA Komodo Labuan Bajo opened a Marine Discovery Centre in September 2018 to educate guests about the importance of protecting the Flores Sea ecosystem. In particular, this is meant to aid in the restoration of coral reefs and marine health through the dissemination of ocean-related knowledge and the implementation of coral planting projects.

Marine Life Workshop and Coral Planting at AYANA Komodo Waecicu Beach.

The mission of AYANA’s Marine Discovery Centre is to educate visitors on the state of the world’s oceans and coral reefs through hands-on experiences and participation in the centre’s coral conservation workshops, presentations, and organised excursions. Visitors of all ages can take part in educational programs, get their hands dirty with activities like coral planting, and go on snorkelling and diving trips to see the island’s beautiful coral reefs and the marine life that calls them home.

Marine Conservation Efforts at AYANA Komodo Waecicu Beach

One of AYANA’s property in the Komodo Waecicu Beach perfectly typifies the hospitality brand’s marine life conservation advocacy. Lee Miles, the hotel’s in-house Marine Biologist shares how the Komodo Beach Waecicu resort serves as a hub for education and conservation.

The present extent of AYANA’s coral planting effort surrounding the property is 950 square meters. Almost 2,500 corals have been planted in 250 coral frames. Almost 1,600 coral fragments are stored on 160 ropes in the rope nurseries to help establish new reef colonies. As a result of AYANA’s efforts to preserve and restore coral, the marine ecology has flourished, becoming a safe haven for many different kinds of marine life.

Kids learn how to plant new coral reef in the ocean.

Labuan Bajo and the surrounding area’s youth have the potential to become environmental ambassadors and champions in the future. It is crucial for AYANA to do its part in teaching guests through Marine Life Workshops and actively contributing in coral conservation due to the fact that the coral reefs around Flores Island are some of the richest in the world. By doing so, AYANA is making sure that future generations benefit from careful management of the reefs and enjoy their splendour and significance as much as we do today. On March 16th, 2023, AYANA hosted a Sea Life Workshop and coral planting activity for 50 kids from the neighbouring hamlet.

Role of a Marine Biologist

When it comes to Lee Miles, AYANA puts her training as a marine biologist in the driver’s seat of the company’s environmental initiatives. First thing in the morning, she joins in on visitor activities like Coral Planting and Lako Taka Glass Bottom Boat Rides. In the afternoons, she trains her local Assistant Marine Biologists and work on initiatives to restore coral reefs.

The workshop teaches kids various methods of coral reef preservation.

According to Lee Miles, the expansion of the AYANA’s already successful restoration project in the AYANA Jetty area, in front of the resort, is one of the Important activities for 2023. Currently, it has reached its goal of adding 100 additional coral frames to the Jetty area.

As part of AYANA’s restoration procedure, they use coral fragments to create new colonies while suspended from ropes. With this method, it speeds up the natural process of coral regeneration, creating numerous new coral colonies that can be planted without harming the reef. The resort’s surrounding coral colonies in the rope nursery will be ready to be planted this year. This action will lead to the addition of 100 new frames to the House Reef. Furthermore, the property will expand restoration efforts by establishing new rope nurseries in other lagoon areas.

“The primary goals of our coral restoration project are to increase ecosystem function and habitat complexity within our managed coral reef areas.,” Lee Miles said.

In order to increase coral cover and invertebrate and fish populations, AYANA is working to restore sections of deteriorated coral reef. This helps not only the reef that is managed by the resort, but also the reefs in the lagoon that are shallow and serve as nursery for many coral reef fish species. Hence, this will serve to replenish local coral reefs.

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