Take Flight at PLUME, the Newest Destination Bar at Pan Pacific Singapore


Pan Pacific Singapore has been undergoing a multi-million-dollar refurbishment and it is now ready to present to the world its new look. Among the new offerings of the hotel is PLUME, a new destination cocktail bar at Pan Pacific Singapore.

PLUME is a celebration of the panache and diversity that make Singapore the flagship property of the Pan Pacific Hotels Group. Paying homage to the colourful native birds of Singapore, the new bar promises to provide a multi-sensory experience, with expertly prepared drinks to satisfy your craving for something new and different, and scrumptious small plates to excite your taste senses.

Meticulously curated cocktails.

PLUME is a modern art deco restaurant in the Pan Pacific Singapore’s great atrium, oozing with class and luxury. Warm and inviting gold accents complement the deep maroon and emerald tones that set the tone for the room. In keeping with its tropical motif, PLUME’s walls are covered in elaborately textured monstera leaves, and a variety of camouflaged birds add to the atmosphere.

The bar’s signature drinks, developed in tandem with forward-thinking bar consultants Compound Collective and PLUME’s lead mixologist Ong Jun Han, fly and steal the show. The bar’s menu is complex and interesting since it uses a wide variety of unfamiliar and well-known ingredients and preparation methods.

The menu’s appetisers are yet another reason to visit PLUME; they feature dishes that are uniquely Singaporean in flavour profile and technique, drawing inspiration from the island’s endemic birds.

A swarm of carefully concocted cocktails awaits you

PLUME’s unique cocktails are an adventure for the senses, created to dazzle even the pickiest of drinkers. Each drink is named after one of Singapore’s 12 most recognisable native birds and is designed to evoke the bird’s individuality, from its colourful plumage and particular habitat to the seeds and fruits it thrives on.

Try the Pink-Necked Green Pigeon, a delectable cocktail. The infusion of fig leaves takes an already delicious spritz and elevates it to a sublime sensory experience.

Pair your cocktails with delectable dishes like the Bulbuls skewers.

The Asian Koel is a Negroni unlike any other, perfect for the intrepid traveler. Savour the sophisticated flavour of this bitter, herbaceous drink made with excellent, freshly brewed green coffee tequila and a dash of magnificent sandalwood tree dispersion.

For those who prefer their drinks on the milder side, there’s always the Blue-tailed Bee-eater, a gin sour-like refresher. The cocktail’s sage and saline infusion makes it a breezy treat that will lift your spirits and take you away to a land of joy.

The Chestnut Winged Cuckoo is an extravagant drink that features a base of dark rum with a twist of sour Ceylon Arrak. Garnishing it with fresh mint, a juicy orange slice, and some delicate pine nuts adds a fruity and floral note to the cocktail.

The Banded Woodpecker is PLUME’s crowning achievement; it’s a cocktail with an unusual combination of ingredients that will make your heart skip a beat. Green Ant Gin is the star of this interesting cocktail, which is topped off with a mist of oak moss to bring out the drink’s lemony and musky aroma.

Soar, a sumptuous mocktail from PLUME, is the ideal combination of invigorating jasmine, honeysuckle, and a touch of honey.

Reimagined regional flavours are sure to satisfy

You can also order some snacks to go with your drinks from the menu. Thorsten Killian, Executive Sous Chef at Pan Pacific Singapore, has taken inspiration from Singapore’s unique birds and local flavours to create refined takes on traditional Singaporean fare. Each dish guarantees a delectable meal full of flavour and texture.

Birds of Paradise.

The Bird Food appetiser has im-peck-ably crisp and light lotus root chips topped with a house-made salmon floss and served with a side of whipped onion cream, making it the ideal snack for guests to nibble on while they drink.

Perched Together’s chicken rendang croquettes rest atop a bed of crispy leeks and are accompanied by a rice and egg purée that is presented in an eggshell for an extra touch of decadence.

Perched Together.

Three skewers of delicate wagyu beef satay are served with a delicious cucumber-pineapple slaw and exquisite peanut dipping sauce at Bulbuls, a high-end take on a Singaporean favourite.

The Pink Flamingos, a deluxe Pani Puri delicacy, is the icing on the cake. It consists of a fried dough ball filled with tiger prawn tartare and covered with thick shellfish froth, in addition to being studded with crackers and wasabi almonds for extra crunch.

Feeling peckish yet?

PLUME located at the Grand Atrium of Pan Pacific Singapore, 7 Raffles Boulevard, Pan Pacific, Marina Square, Singapore 039595. It is open daily from 5pm to 1am from Sundays to Thursdays and till 2am on Fridays and Saturdays. Guests can make a reservation or find more information about PLUME here.


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