Smeg’s New Line of Galileo Multi-Cooking Ovens Comes Straight From the Kitchen of the Future


When it comes to style, you can be sure the Italians will get it right. Italian home appliance manufacturer Smeg certainly gets style right in the kitchen with its sleek and aesthetically pleasing kitchen surfaces and appliances that are more like objects of desire.

Now, Smeg has just given us something new to lust after. Meet GALILEO, a new line of ovens named after the “father of modern science” that exemplifies Italian design, creativity, and culinary mastery.

SMEG’s values of innovation, design, experience and sustainability in the responsible production of white goods are embodied in the Galileo project. A Made in Italy initiative that transcends the technological and experiential advancements of today’s cooking appliances.Their new Galileo Omnichef ovens are loaded with cutting-edge capabilities that make juggling many cooking responsibilities a breeze. Galileo ovens feature prominently in a revamped heating system and the incorporation of expert algorithms to simplify and streamline the cooking process at home.

The new Smeg ovens fits perfectly in every corner of your kitchen.

Traditional, steam and microwave cooking are all available in the Galileo oven series, which combines a newly designed cavity with superior performance and outcomes. By combining the three technologies into distinct ranges, users can get restaurant-quality results in the comfort of their own homes while freeing up valuable counter space.

The Bar-setting Omnichef Range

Fronting the newest line of SMEG ovens is the Omnichef series. Tapping the company’s innovative Multicooking technology, which merges conventional, steam, and microwave oven functions into a single appliance, the Omnichef range’s dual cooking modes make it simple to master dishes with multiple steps.

Cook up steaks like a Masterchef with the Omnichef line.

There is no need to reset temperature and time parameters when switching between cooking processes that are planned to run in sequence (Multistep) or simultaneously (Multitech).

The Omnichef.

The Steam cooking range incorporates the advantages of variable steam dispensing with conventional cooking methods. Modern engineering ensures high-quality steam is produced quickly and accurately without altering the look of the product in any way. Whether you’re just starting out in the kitchen or looking to elevate your culinary game, the steam range has a product for you.

Steam Range Features

For tasty and healthy meals, SteamOne incorporates steam injections of 20% to 40% into conventional cooking methods. The cavity has been modified for optimal visibility and technology upgrades to allow for the simultaneous preparation of multiple courses without compromising the unique flavour and health advantages of each. This makes it excellent for pizza and baked products. For optimal results in the kitchen, you can use the 800 cc tank’s worth of steam for up to six hours.

Make savoury dishes in a flash.

Steam100 provides constant steaming with steam additions between 20% and 100% and comes with features including sous vide, barbecue, stone cooking and air frying. By pinpointing the internal temperature of meat and fish, the Single-point probe ensures that they are cooked to perfection. The Steam100 oven is equipped with a gentle open – soft closure technology and a simple user interface to provide the highest quality of cooking.

Steam Range.

Steam100PRO is an A++ efficient hybrid stove that can be used for both conventional and steam cooking. Steam pulses at predetermined intervals throughout cooking help to retain humidity without drying out the food, and the range of steam saturation is from 20% to 100%, making it ideal for healthy, fat-free cooking. The two-litre tank and high-performance fill and hide loading technology allow for steam to be used for all ten of the oven’s operations, even while the oven is closed. Professional features and algorithms, such as sous vide, barbecue, stone cooking, and air frying, supplement combined steaming. The Multi-point probe can pinpoint up to three areas within the ingredient, allowing for precise activation of DELTA T’s mild cooking mode for tender, juicy results.

Energy Saving Ovens that Meets All Cooking Needs

The SpeedwaveXL range is eco-friendly since it blends conventional and microwave cooking methods.


This roomy 60cm platform features SMEG’s largest combination microwave to date and can cut preparation time by as much as 40% thanks to its five cooking levels. These microwaves include cutting-edge Inverter and Stirrer technologies, which allow for precise temperature regulation and eliminate the need for a moving plate, guaranteeing uniform cooking thanks to the microwaves’-controlled distribution of microwaves. Condensation is kept to a minimum when cooking because to the twin chimney’s ability to direct airflow inside the chamber. The combination microwave oven has special settings including pop (to minimise heat damage to fragile materials like popcorn), melt (to soften foods like butter or chocolate), and soft (to defrost ice cream without changing its consistency too much).

Professional oven accessories designed to provide maximum adaptability and ensure that every meal comes out properly complement the Galileo cooking experience. The maxi-size baking tray, which comes in thicknesses of 20 and 50 mm, can accommodate even the heartiest of dishes because it has 20% more room than standard trays. In just four minutes, the Rectangular refractory stone will have your pizza cooked to a golden crisp perfection. The air fry tray allows you to fry with less cooking fat, and the reversible barbecue tray is ideal for both meat and fish.

Opening the Door to Culinary Possibilities

More options in the kitchen are now available, thanks to the new Galileo ovens. Galileo’s innovative and user-friendly technology reduces prep work and cleanup time, making it a useful tool for any home cook who wants to try out new recipes or make restaurant-quality meals in their own kitchen.

SMEG’s first Southeast Asian experiential showroom is located at 5 Straits View, #01-01 The Heart, Marina One Show Gallery, Singapore 018935 and features the Galileo range of ovens. Visit for details.


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