Royal Salute Introduces Cask Programme for Whisky Afficionados in Singapore


Talk about exclusivity. If you are a whisky connoisseur looking to invest in (yet another) cask whisky, Royal Salute has just unveiled its Cask Programme.

The Royal Salute Cask Programme makes available only 21 casks from Royal Salute’s storied warehouse at Scotland’s historic Strathisla Distillery. Each one is carefully blended and aged for at least 21 years before being considered for inclusion. And out of these 21 casks, eight are allocated to Singapore.

Each rare cask chosen for the Cask Programme is given a unique number to represent its rarity. These initial 21 casks range in age from 24 to 33 years old and are all exceptional house blends. Royal Salute’s Master Blender of many years, Sandy Hyslop, is responsible for crafting these unusual oak casks.

Timeless taste in a bottle.

Participants in the barrel Programme will be offered rare opportunities to try whiskey straight from the barrel and are encouraged to pick their favourite.

After a purchase, the customer is given the option to customise the flagon and bottling boxes for their selected cask. You get to choose everything from the bottle’s base colour to its embellishments to the patterns it features.  Once a barrel is sold, it can never be replicated again anywhere in the world.

Due to the distinct nature of each barrel, pricing and anticipated bottle yields can be provided upon request.

Each year, when Master Blender Sandy Hyslop determines that a new cask of Royal Salute has achieved its peak, they will be released for sale to the public.

Royal Salute launched its Cask Programme in Singapore on 25 April 2023 at a private, by-invitation-only event. Named ‘Enter the Kingdom Experience’, the event was graced by Royal Salute global brand ambassador and the 13th Duke of Argyll, Torquhil Ian Campbell. Rare casks were on display, alongside intricate blends from the Royal Salute series, such as the 51-year-old from the Time Series and the Royal Salute 62 Gun Salute, both of which are saved for special royal occasions.

The ‘Enter the Kingdom Experience’ is a tour that also goes into the brand’s illustrious past, one-of-a-kind blends and progressive development.

Here’s a peek at the exquisite collection on display:

Royal Salute’s 62 Gun Salute

The 62 Gun Salute, the greatest British ceremonial honour, is only performed for the most important royal events.

The 62 Gun Salute, as interpreted by Royal Salute, results in a whisky with a nose that is both sweet and fruity, thanks to the addition of sherry. Elegant dark chocolate with spicy cinnamon undertones.

The Coronation of King Charles II Edition.

Its robust flavour explodes with the sweetness of orange and is complemented by a rich, nutty, oaky undertone. The aftertaste is lengthy and rich, with only a hint of smoke.

A hand-made, midnight blue Dartington Crystal decanter with a 24-karat gold top and a cut crystal stopper holds the 62 Gun Salute.

Time Series 51-Year-Old

The 51-Year-Old is a one-of-a-kind Time Series creation motivated by the magic of numbers.

Strong notes of blood orange, sweet, aged oak, salty caramel, and the clover of Manuka honey are released from the 51-Year-Old mix. Sweet hickory smoke with undertones of peach and bergamot is also produced.

Royal Salute Coronation Edition.

On the palate, notes of luscious plums sing alongside orange zest and milk chocolate, while the spicy ginger and cinnamon add warm accents that prolong the aftertaste for an impressively long time.

The Royal Wedding Celebration

Royal Salute has been used to honor the British royal family on important occasions since 1953. In honour of the marriage of HRH Prince Henry to Ms. Meghan Markle, they presented the Royal Wedding Collection.

Blended from the oldest and rarest whiskies in the Royal Salute collection, this magnificent mix is matured in American oak casks as a tribute to Ms. Meghan Markle’s American roots.

Vanilla ice cream and chocolate fudge, with hints of mandarin orange and cinnamon, will greet your taste buds. The long and exquisite creamy vanilla aftertaste is the perfect synthesis of richness and fruitiness, with flavours ranging from ripe banana and burnt pineapple to almonds and dark chocolate ginger candies.


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