Clarins’ New Pop-Up Pays Homage to the Nature and the Environment


We love all things that celebrate nature and the planet. And, that’s why we love the pop-up Domaine Clarins at ION Orchard by skincare and plant-science expert brand Clarins.

For most people, nature is a breathtaking backdrop, but for Clarins, nature is an open-air laboratory. Since the company is deeply committed to environmental protection, it draws inspiration from the scientific study of nature.

Clarins’ skin cleansing products will be on display.

Domaine Clarins was created on a revolutionary concept of sustainable beauty that benefits both people and the planet. Clarins, which is located in the Alps, expands its curiosity in its pursuit of nature’s finest kept beauty secrets. In order to make the most efficient cosmetics, Clarins reveals the active elements found in flowers, herbs, lichen, and bark.

Learn how Clarins promotes responsible beauty and engages in extensive CSR efforts to honor and protect nature by visiting Domaine Clarins. Using a digital map, the pop-up lets guests check in at each station and earn prizes for competing in games and quizzes, making for a really interactive and unique experience. A full line of Clarins’ most recognisable skincare products, including the reformulated Hydra Essentiel line and the cult favorite Double serum, will be on display.

Domaine Clarins Pop-up Showcases

The Domaine Clarins pop-up will open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. from 27 April through 7 May 2023. It will feature Clarins’ innovative approach to sustainable and eco-friendly beauty at B4 ION Station.

Imaginative stations will be staged in the pop-up.

Visitors will be greeted by the Entrance Arch, which is designed to resemble the outline of Domaine Clarins. Clarins’ brand story will present visitors to the company’s various environmental initiatives, such as its collaborations with F.E.E.D. and Plastic Odyssey. The pop-up is a stunning recreation of nature, complete with plant- and flower-decorated paths that lead guests through the space. The following are the different stations one can visit at the pop-up.

Explore Garden

Clarins places an emphasis on nature by using plant science and responsibly obtained ingredients in all of their products. Clarins’ main components and the beauty benefits they provide for customers are revealed in the Explore Garden. The company also places a premium on the quality and traceability of its components; thus, the company provides QR codes so that customers can learn more about the specific substances used in each product.

Cleansing Garden

Try out a variety of Clarins cleansers, each with its own unique texture and sensory appeal. As the initial step in any skin care practice, cleaning removes dirt, makeup, and other pollutants that have accumulated on the skin as a result of exposure to the elements. Clarins caters to a wide range of customers by offering distinct cleansers for various skin types.

The Explore Garden Station.

Visitors can learn about the ecological and environmentally sensitive approach taken in the creation of Clarins Cleansers, from the selection of ingredients to the design of the packaging.

Botanical Lab

Explore the magic of Clarins Botanical and try out some of the brand’s best-known products for yourself. Four of Clarins’ most prominent lines—Double Serum, Bright Plus, Hydra-Essentiel, and Extra-Firming—serve as the line’s introduction. Visitors to the Clarins Botanical Lab get a behind-the-scenes look at the company’s open-air laboratory and a comprehensive education on all of the company’s most popular product lines.

Photo Moment

Visitors to Domaine Clarins can enter to win a 50-ml bottle of Clarins Double Serum. Photographs taken at Domaine Clarins by guests can be shared on Instagram with the handles @ClarinsSG and #DomaineClarins. Winners will be revealed on the official @ClarinsSG Instagram page and contacted through Instagram direct messages.

Responsible Beauty

Donate, repurpose, and celebrate! Learn about Clarins’s environmental commitments over the years and the steps you can take to help the planet. Clarins’ continuous sustainability efforts are highlighted in Responsible Beauty, telling site visitors about how the company cares for the environment through programs like planting trees and partnering with organisations like F.E.E.D. and the Arthritis Foundation. Domaine Clarins encourages guests to bring their own empty containers of any brand to the popup in exchange for free Clarins samples, adding another layer of emphasis on sustainability.

Beauty Bar

Discuss your skin concerns with Clarins Beauty Experts and find out which Clarins products are best suited to your needs. Customers can stop by the Consultation Bar to test out Clarins’ wares and get expert advice on which items will best suit their needs. In addition to a free 6-piece sample kit and Oatside Oat Milk (while supplies last), guests can also take advantage of a complimentary skin consultation to learn more about their skin type and specific concerns. Since oats are a key ingredient in the legendary Double Serum, it would be fitting to use oat milk, which is both plant-based and environmentally friendly.

The Beauty Bar Station.

Domaine Clarins is a resource for learning about Clarins’ dedication to reducing its environmental effect and promoting high standards of quality and openness across all of the company’s offerings.

Domaine Clarins Pop-up is located at 2 Orchard Turn, #B4 Atrium, ION Orchard, Singapore.


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