Yakiniku-GO Collabs with Social Media star Lennard Yeong fo a Limited-Time Menu


Lovers of no-fuss, smoke-free yakiniku restaurant Yakiniku-GO have now more reason to visit. The restaurant has just collaborated with Singaporean chef and influencer Lennard Yeong to produce a new menu that features excellent yakiniku made from high-quality meats at reasonable pricing.

The Beef Bomb Set ($22.80).

Four Yakiniku sets, created by Yakiniku-GO Head Chef Tetsuya Yoshida and Lennard, are available at all six Yakiniku-GO locations from 13 April to 31 July 2023.

Beef Bomb Set ($22.80), Pork Bomb Set ($21.80), Double Dragon Beef Set ($20.80), and Double Dragon Pork Set ($19.80) are just some of the yakiniku dishes that have been reimagined by Lennard’s daring cooking approach.

Yakiniku-Go x Lennard Yang: a Collab of Explosive Flavours

The Beef Bomb Set 150g ($22.80) is perfect for meat lovers, as it features karubi beef slices shaped like ‘bombs’ that include marinated garlic on the interior. Served beside a maze gohan made with handcrafted wagyu tallow and accompanied by goma tare and yuzu kosho ponzu dipping sauces, each bite bursts with the robust flavors of game and aromatic garlic. Every after bite of the richly nuanced combination of the marbled pork, fragrant rice, pungent garlic, and acidic sauce is a delight.

The Double Dragon Beef Set ($20.80).

Slices of Duroc pork belly are marinated in garlic and offered in the Pork Bomb Set 150g ($21.80) for similarly flavourful bites. The dish is accompanied with goma tare and ponzu oroshi dipping sauces and shio konbu rice.

The Double Dragon Beef Set 120g ($20.80) features double thick cut karubi beef from the diamond cut of the beef short plate, wrapped tightly around crunchy zucchini for additional texture and bite. Dipped in oma tare and yuzu kosho ponzu, the tender beef is served with a maze gohan made with handcrafted wagyu tallow.

Grilled to perfection.

A 120g ($19.80) Double Dragon Pork Set has diamond-cut Duroc pork belly sliced twice as thick, wrapped in zucchini, and served with shio konbu rice, goma tare, and ponzu oroshi dipping sauces.

The six Yakinuku-GO outlets can be found at Suntec City Mall, Parkway Parade, NEX, the Seletar Mall, JEM and Jurong Point.


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