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More hotels are understanding of a conscious lifestyle and are incorporating wellness and health into their programmes and offerings for guests. The PARKROYAL COLLECTION Hotels and Resorts has just introduced an Eco-Wellness initiative to promote healthy lifestyles and environmental awareness.

The brand delivers a variety of experiences as elements of the guest experience in the hotel. Inspired by the five senses – smell, sound, sight, taste, and touch – it adheres to sustainable hospitality that coheres with nature. The hotels’ signature biophilic architecture, eco-friendliness, and emphasis on guest health and happiness form the basis of the programme’s design.

The Sleep Ritual amenity includes a tea set and perfumed pillow pouch stocked with fresh herbs from the Urban Farm.

PARKROYAL COLLECTION  understands the consumer shift towards improving their health and happiness. This is why the hotel group hopes to encourage guests to lead sustainable lifestyles with its Eco-Wellness offerings.

An iconic biophilic structure, sound design that enhances a sustainable and green atmosphere, art appreciation streamlined to promote wellness, the St. Gregory spa experience and wellness activities, mindful eating and drinking, restful sleep and a signature scent are among the many offerings in the Eco-Wellness multi-sensorial programme.

This Supreme Chicken comes with Cilantro and Lime; Green Pastures mocktail.

In the near future, visitors to PARKROYAL COLLECTION can expected to be greeted by a selected scent that combines rosebush, lavender, green vetiver, and warm white cedarwood. In the latter part of the year, the fragrance will be made available at all PARKROYAL COLLECTION properties.

Approaches for a Sound Night’s Sleep

Quality sleep is essential to one’s health and well-being, thus it remains PARKROYAL COLLECTION’s priority to its guests. The hotel group turns to natural aromatic herbs to help guests get the restorative slumber they need. Relaxing herbs like thyme, bergamot lime, mint, and rosemary are grown in the hotel’s urban farm and used in the new Sleep Ritual turndown service at PARKROYAL COLLECTION. Visitors can opt to brew the herbs in a new pot of tea or gently rub the leaves to release the soothing aroma.

Sago Gula Melaka in Coconut.

With the turndown amenity, guests will find a fragrant pillow pouch co-designed with FLO, a Singapore-based company that focuses on using essential oils and herbs to produce their products. The pouch, filled with all-natural essential oils, will help relax guests before bedtime. Pan Pacific DISCOVERY Titanium and Platinum members, as well as passengers staying in COLLECTION Club Rooms and higher room classifications, will have access to this comfort.

Conscious Dining, Mindful Drinking

PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, Singapore’s Eco-Wellness programme includes a cuisine that focuses on the use of locally produced, fresh vegetables and farm-to-table harvests in an effort to encourage environmentally responsible and healthful eating.

Sustainable Barramundi, Honey Soya Emulsion, Cauliflower Rice.

Each dish is paired with a beverage or mocktail that features ingredients harvested right from the hotel’s urban farm. Restaurants like Peppermint and Portman’s Bar offer such fare.

Sustainable Hospitality Through Signature Urban Farms

PARKROYAL COLLECTION is set to open two new urban farms in Singapore and Malaysia. These farms will supply fresh produce to guests at the Pickering property in Singapore and the Kuala Lumpur properties respectively. By partnering with PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, Singapore’s urban farm, they will be able to offer guests of all of their hotels in Singapore authentic farm-to-table, farm-to-bar, and farm-to-spa menus and treatments.

The urban farm at PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay in Singapore, for instance, grows over 60 different kinds of herbs, vegetables, and herbs. They also supply up to 20 percent of the hotel’s restaurants, bar, and spa with their respective green ingredients. The crops are managed and rotated seasonally by Singaporean agriculture organisation Edible Garden City Urban Farms.

Satay Lilit.

The PARKROYAL COLLECTION brand of hotels is part of Pan Pacific Hotels Group’s whole network. For more information on the hotel properties, click here.


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