LeNu and Le Shrimp Introduces New Mouth-Watering Seasonal Specials


Foodies will more reasons to slurp it up at LeNu and Le Shrimp. Spicing things up with Szechuan spice and truffles, LeNu and Le Shrimp are introducing all new seasonal flavours with two new additions to their menus.

For only S$16.80, you can indulge in LeNu’s excellent Szechuan Poached Chicken Cold La Mian. Smothered in 10 different sauces and made with over 10 different ingredients of spices and peppers, this dish lends a punch in terms of flavours. Tender poached chicken is put on top, along with fragrant crunch from chopped peanuts, coarse sugar, and cucumber slices. Slices of soft-centered century egg complete the dish with their creaminess and savoury flavours.

Szechuan Poached Chicken Cold La Mian.

If you are not into spicy food, fret not. You will find delight in Le Shrimp’s Ebiko Prawn Paste Tossed Truffle Ramen. Truffle sauce adds an aroma to the springy ramen noodles and house-made ebiko prawn paste. However, the truffle taste does not overpower and only lends a hint of flavour to complement the existing flavours. Chopped spring onion is sprinkled on top to lend a crunch to this delish dish. For just S$18.80, this dish is not to be missed.

Ebiko Prawn Paste Tossed Truffle Ramen.

These seasonal specials are available only from 9 February to 31 May 2023. Maybank Credit holders and PGR Members can enjoy a special price when they pay with their cards.

Visit the website of Paradise Group for more details.


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