Canon Releases the EOS R8 and R50 to Make the Lives of Content Creators Easier


Content creators are gonna have a field day putting their visual ideas to life with the arrival of two new camera gadgets from Canon. The Japanese camera manufacturer has released two new cameras aimed towards videographers and photographers: the EOS R8 and R50.

The EOS R8 is Canon’s most compact full-frame mirrorless camera. It combines the portability of the EOS RP with the power of the EOS R6 Mark II in terms of video and still shooting capabilities (such as Canon Log 3 and up to 40 fps continuous shooting).

The Canon EOS R50, on the other hand, is a new lightweight and compact APS-C mirrorless camera that will eventually replace the EOS 77D and EOS M50 Mark II. The beginner camera is jam-packed with fun, creative tools and automated functions that make it simple to produce high-quality vlogs and photographs with little to no experience operating the camera. You may get the EOS R50 in either black or white.

A handy tool for the agile content creator

The compact and lightweight EOS R8 keeps users agile, giving them an edge when it comes to innovative camera angles and transitions. It weighs only 461g (with battery pack and SD card), which weighs 20g less than the EOS RP.

The EOS R8 is versatile enough to handle the needs of a wide range of workflows, from on-the-fly event coverage to post-production intensive projects like documentaries and short films.

The Canon EOS R8

The original footage has a significant impact on the final product’s quality. Thanks to its newly developed 24.2-megapixel CMOS image sensor, the EOS R8 is able to acquire 6K data throughout its whole width, resulting in high-quality crop-free oversampled 4K UHD video recording at frame rates of up to 60 frames per second. The EOS R8’s heat suppression techniques allow you to shoot up to 4K 30p without limits, and up to 30 minutes at 4K 60p, making it ideal for situations in which you need to leave the camera rolling.

Since the AF is functional down to an EV-6.5 for stills and an EV-4 for video, it can be used in low-light settings. This complements the camera’s natively high ISO speeds of up to ISO 102,400 (still shooting) and ISO 25,600 (video shooting), allowing for better performance in dim lighting.

The R50 makes vlogging on the go easier

The EOS R50’s 24.2 megapixels let it to capture high-quality crop-less 4K 30p video by oversampling 6K data. Oversampling provides additional data that can be used to eliminate artefacts and other problems. This ensures that your vlogs will always look polished and professional no matter how much experience or ability you have in making them.

The Canon EOS R50.

The EOS R50 is made for vloggers who want the image quality of a dedicated camera but don’t want to deal with the learning curve that comes along with it, thanks to its numerous settings and features that simplify filming.

It’s around the same size and weight (about 375g) as the Canon EOS M50 Mark II. It’s ideal for mobile video recording.

Plus, two new lenses to spice up your content

Canon has also introduced two new RF lenses, both of which are capable of focus breathing correction and offer up to 4.5 stops of comparable Optical IS.

RF24-50mm f4.5-6.3 IS STM.

The RF24-50mm f/4.5-6.3 IS STM, which weighs around 210g and folds down to a length of 5.8cm. Easy to carry, it makes for a great match for the little EOS R8. Together, they weigh just 671g, which is less than the EOS R5 body alone. The lens’ Optical IS of 4.5 stops means users may shoot from all sorts of unique perspectives. Coordinated Control IS also works with cameras that include Movie Digital IS and In-Body IS, allowing for even more stabilisation—up to 7 stops in the case of the latter.

RF-S55-210mm f5-7.1 IS STM.

The lightweight (about 270g) RF-S55-210mm f/5-7.1 IS STM offers a full-frame equivalent angle of view of approximately 88 to 336mm, semi-macro capabilities (up to 0.28x magnification), and close-up shooting (closest focusing distance: 0.73m) at the tele end.

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