Sneakertopia Sprints its Way to ArtScience Museum in Singapore


Fresh off earning raves in Los Angeles in the States, Sneakertopia looks set to storm its way into the ArtScience Museum in Singapore. A new experiential event debuting in Asia for sneakerheads, the event will make waves as the first immersive, large-scale exhibition on sneakers in Singapore.

Mr. Sabotage. A collection of 1985 Nike Dunks, varsity flags and jackets, 2023. Image courtesy of Sabotage Surplus.

Emmy-winning producer Steve Harris and Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur Steve Brown established Sneakertopia in 2019 as a way to share their mutual enthusiasm for sneakers with a wide range of people all around the world. This new incarnation of Sneakertopia, held in partnership with ArtScience Museum, is organised by SPACElogic with partners Gushcloud International and SL Experiences, and promises to be a vibrant, larger-than-life celebration of the art and culture of sneakers.

This exhibition will showcase over 100 limited-edition sneakers from some of the most recognisable names in the sneaker industry. It will also bring together artists, creatives, collaborators, and companies to enthral sneaker fans of all stripes. Nearly 50 murals, installations, designs, and displays covering entertainment, sports, film, art, and other areas will also be on show.

This edition of Sneakertopia highlights creative practices from across Singapore and Southeast Asia. The exhibition will provide insights into the regional street culture scene, in addition to showcasing the work of 13 top US creatives like McFlyy, Michael Murphy, and Mimi Yoon, whose pieces explore American street and pop culture.

Giving street cred to sneaker culture

Sneaker culture has been pushed forward by creatives, sports, and celebrities since its humble beginnings on the streets. Since then, these sneakers have come to represent not only a social status, but also a personal expression, transcending social boundaries and continuing to define both pop and street culture.

Michael Murphy, AIR, 2019. Image courtesy of Sneakertopia.

On top of showcasing the work of 13 prominent US artists like McFlyy, Michael Murphy and Mimi Yoon, this edition of Sneakertopia highlights creative practices from across Singapore and Southeast Asia, providing insights into the regional street culture scene.

The works of 16 Singaporean and local artists and designers, including Jahan Loh, Sam Lo, Soph O, Kristal Melson, and Juls, as well as the contemporary art and design collective PHUNK, will also be featured. There will also be a special appearance by Mr. Sabotage, renowned sneaker artist and streetwear designer, displaying his personal archive of vintage Air Jordan Ones and his complete collection of original Dunks.

Jahan Loh, Dragon Chasers, 2008. Image courtesy of the artist.

Also in line to wow audiences at Sneakertopia is the never-before-seen artworks by smoluk and Tommii Lim. Lim will be creating new site-specific works exclusively for the show’s Asian premiere.

Sneakertopia had a successful launch in Los Angeles prior to its Asian release. Two pop-up experiences followed at the Chongqing Jiebeifang International Consumer Festival in China and at Culture Cartel in Singapore.

Sneakertopia will run from 25 February to 30 July 2023. Tickets are available for purchase from 26 January at all Marina Bay Sands box offices and website.


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