Ombré: Skincare Oasis in the Heartlands


Facials are getting more expensive but if you do your homework, you can actually still find places that offer facials at pocket-friendly prices. Look to the heartlands, we say.

One new brand that has popped up in recent times is Ombré, a homegrown brand whose owner brings together 30 years of expertise in the local beauty sector with cutting-edge techniques and the needs of today’s consumers. Set in a location nearby NEX shopping mall in Serangoon, Ombré is also relatively easy to get to for those living in the northeast area.

The selling point of Ombré’s quick, easy, and effective face treatments for those who are short on time. What’s more, prices are affordable too. Ombré makes use of professional skincare technology and products to deliver results for customer. It also has no expensive packages, which means customers do not get pressured into signing up for packages like in other facial salons.

Another selling point of Ombré is the short duration of their facial treatments. This is especially appreciated by time-crunched folks who do not wish to spend hours on facial treatments.

We take a look at some of the facial treatments at Ombré:


If you are a first-timer and not sure what to go for, we suggest the  Hydraclean facial as an introductory treatment. For just S$28, the facial treatment takes 15 minutes of your time. During the treatment, deep cleansing and exfoliation are provided using Ombré’s Hydraclean equipment.

With a spiral wand tip creating a vortex effect to dislodge and suction out any impurities while nourishing the face with a moisturizing solution, the goal is to clear your skin effectively and painlessly.


Hydrafusion  (S$58) is a deep cleansing facial treatment that takes only 30 minutes and is ideal for those who are time-strapped. The facial treatment adopts thermotherapy to increase blood flow and cryotherapy to shrink pores, all while infusing the skin with an ampoule. Five different types of ampoules are available to treat a wide variety of skin issues.


Looking to infuse your skin with more nutrients? You can consider the Mesojet treatment (S$58), which “pushes” substances from an ampoule deep into the dermis layer of the skin using a high-pressure jet ejector. Advanced technology instantly breaks down the contents of the ampoule into nano-molecules, and the high-pressured bursts of air resemble an injection, making this therapy painless and needle-free while still delivering 90% of the ampoule’s contents to the dermis layer of skin.

EndyMed Face V-Lift

Do you long for a jawline that can rival Angelina Jolie’s? The EndyMed Face V-Lift treatment (S$98) might be your answer. It’s a non-invasive facial lifting and contouring treatment that takes half an hour. Using a special device that emits radiofrequency (RF), this treatment seeks to lift the skin on the face and also to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

We tried this facial treatment at a media trial and found it to be fairly effective in creating a more “sculpted” jawline. However, note that this treatment might be uncomfortable to some because of the heat emitted by the RF device. Also, because of the scrapping on the skin, petechiae (pinpoint red dots of broken blood capillaries) will appear on the face after the treatment. It took about two days for the petechiae to disappear after our treatment.

EndyMed Eye Lift

One of the first that show the effects of aging is the skin around our eyes. To battle these issues, EndyMed Eye Lift (S$98) offers a treatment that is effective, safe and non-surgical, rejuvenating the periorbital region. This 30-minute treatment is similar to the EndyMed Face V-Lift, except that a smaller device is used around the eyes. Problems such as under-eye bags, loose skin and droppy upper eyelids can be addressed with this treatment.


From now till 28 February 2023, customers who spend S$58 on a treatment at Ombré will receive a free session of Ombré’s newest muscle sculpting treatment, Ombré-Sculpt, normally priced at S$250.

Ombré is located at 265 Serangoon Central Drive #01-267 Singapore 550265. To book an appointment, call +65 8645 5582.


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