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Apart from festive meals with loved ones, welcoming the Year of the Rabbit also calls for joyful get-togethers and inventive dishes with colleagues and business partners. If you are looking for lou hei options in the business district, look no further than Ya Ge, which is located at the heart of Tanjong Pagar.

This lunar new year, Ya Ge’s culinary team has come up with an astonishing array of sophisticated modern Chinese gastronomical delights that nods to the festive fervour. We shortlist what culinary creations you should try.

Braised 8-head Abalone with Chinese Mushrooms, Oyster Fortune Bags, Black Moss accompanied with Broccoli.

Prosperity Smoked Salmon Yusheng with choice of Abalone or Crispy Fish Skin

Commemorate the long-standing tradition of toasting to abundance with Ya Ge’s Prosperity Smoked Salmon Yu Sheng topped with a choice of abalone or crispy fish skin and a slew of mango and milk bunny puddings. Strawberries, jackfruit, carrots, lotus roots, radish and edible flowers are some of the fresh fruits and greens that make up the lineup. Ya Ge has made a roselle and hawthorn dressing, which is rich in antioxidants, to complement the light and zesty flavour of this healthy fruit salad.

Ya Ge Fortune Pot (Pen Cai)

Ya Ge Fortune Pot (Pen Cai).

In the Year of the Rabbit, Ya Ge elevates the Southern Song specialty pen cai to new heights. Over 18 high-quality ingredients are used in Ya Ge’s rendition of this Chinese New Year dish to near perfection. They include the 10-head abalone, fish maw, conpoy, sea cucumber, and pork trotters cooked in a gravy reduced from decadent abalone. Discover new flavours as you peel back each layer of this collagen goodness.

Double-boiled Chicken Soup with Morel Mushrooms 

The chefs at Ya Ge got inspired to cook two nutritious and flavourful double-boiled soups, a testament to the prominence of Cantonese cooking featuring in the restaurant’s menu. One soup features pork ribs, starfruit and winter wheat for a dish that’s both visually appealing and chock full of flavours. Another, on the other hand, is a delightful soup that will feel like comfort food because of the way its components, such as chicken, morel mushrooms, and dendrobium stems, complement one another.

Double-boiled Chicken Soup with Morel Mushrooms, Dendrobium Stem, Conpoy, Fresh Chinese Yam and Wolfberries.

Ya Ge’s chicken dish and a quartet of mushrooms

Don’t miss out on Ya Ge’s chicken dish – a stuffed chicken stuffed with pork belly, cloud fungus, chestnuts, and a variety of mushrooms (including morel, honshimeiji, shiitake, and him matsutake). The chicken is first wrapped in lotus leaves, encased in a salt dome and then roasted in the oven. The abalone sauce, flavoured with chicken and other secret substances the chef is too modest to reveal, is the crowning glory of this delectable specialty since the ingredients gel nicely together.

Steamed Lotus Leaves Rice with Smoked Duck and Abalone Sauce

Ya Ge has spared no expense to provide a lavish gourmet experience, and this understated jewel of a dish is a wonderful way to round up the meal on a happy note. Diced chicken and smoked duck are prepared separately and then combined in a large fry with abalone sauce; the meal is finished with fifteen minutes of steaming, during which the aroma of the lotus leaves is infused.

Festive Dine-in menus

Ya Ge offers S$78++ per person and S$398++ for five people for specially selected six-course and eight-course menus, perfect for celebratory family get-togethers. For parties of 10 or more, Ya Ge offer the luxurious Opulence Set Menu (eight courses) and the New Beginnings Set Menu (six courses) and there are also two new private dining rooms available. Ya Ge also provides S$48++ per person six-course vegetarian dinners.

Ya Ge’s group dine-in menu goodness.

Chinese tea, mandarin oranges, and hongbaos are served with each set dinner. Tables ordering from the Opulence or New Beginnings set menus will receive a complimentary bottle of red or white wine.

The festive feasts continue till 5 February 2023. Pre-order takeout and set dinners purchased between 22 November 2022 and 15 January 2023 are eligible for a 10% discount.

Ya Ge
Orchid Hotel Singapore
1 Tras Link, Singapore 078867

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday: Lunch – 11.30am to 2.30pm; Dinner – 5.30pm to 10pm


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