Usher in the Holiday Season with an Omakase at Wagatomo


You’ve had your fair share of Christmas feasting. But ever thought of having an omakase festive meal? The holiday spirit has hit Wagatomo, which has just come up with a special omakase set for the season. And, it features top-tier beef cut A5 Japanese Wagyu.

The mouthwatering A5 Wagyu Pizza.

A sister restaurant of butchery/sando restaurant Gyu San at Guoco Tower, Wagatomo is known to feature premium Japanese beef in its menu and its festive menu is no exception. Five separate premium Wagyu cuts from four different Japanese prefectures can be found in the nine-course omakase menu at Wagatomo, with each cut prepared five different ways.

Bowl of goodness. A5 Gyu Don.

The festive menu is an affordable beef omakase for only $98++ per person (minimum two to dine), with five different versions on premium Wagyu cuts from four different Japanese prefectures. You get to savour the cuisine of the regions of Japan most known for their Wagyu beef.

A feast for the senses 

Wagatomo’s nine shareable courses highlight Wagyu for their holiday feast. We start off with the A5 Wagyu Pizza using HIDA GYU from Gifu prefecture. The A5 Hida Gyu from the Gifu prefecture is sliced and piled high on top of the pizza, which is then covered with ponzu mayo, pickled myoga (ginger blossom), yuzu kosho cream, and finally a sprinkle of truffle oil. This is pretty much a signature dish of Wagatomo that any first-time visitor has to try.

Among the non-meat options in the course, you can expect the MO Yashi – bean sprout salad with a tangy ume sauce and a touch of sweetness from pomelo, as well as the Eggplant Miso – a soft, pillowy dish of eggplant roasted with sesame seeds and topped with saikyo miso and mozzarella shavings. Our favourite has to be the Brussel Sprout, deep-fried for added crunch before being seasoned with citrus togarashi. The brussel sprouts take on a crispiness that rivals that of chips.

More dishes await the meat lover. The A5 Wagyu Tataki  showcases beef from Kumamoto prefecture. Five thin slices of the tender prime beef are seasoned with savory roasted negi salsa and tangy garlic cream. In the A5 Wagyu Senbei, Hokkaido slow-cooked Shiretoko Gyu is served with Japanese rice crackers called senbei. The meat, soft and delicate from lengthy hours of controlled heat, is matched in punch with charred jalapeño salsa and balanced with crunch from crackers.

Appetising A5 Wagyu Senbei.

One of the highlights is the A5 Misuji. Slow cooked for six hours with a sansho seasoned rub for flavour that penetrates straight through the deepest centre, the beef is a decadent delight for the palate. It is complimented by charred onion puree to complete the meal.

The A5 Misuji is slow cooked to perfection.

Before dessert, we finish off the meal with A5 Gyu Don. Slices of Kamichiku Satsuma 4% Miracle Gyu are delicately grilled to preserve its juicy centre. It is then placed on top of a dish of fluffy Japanese pearl rice before being topped with a runny onsen egg.

The meal ends on a sweet note with Mille Feuille, featuring figs, chestnut cream and airy puff pastry top a plate of salted yoghurt ice cream.

The nine-course omakase menu is available from 1 to 31 December 2022.


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