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If you want your next vacation to be less stressful and more of a hassle-free one, then you might want to start by picking the right airline, or should we say, the best airline. But how to pick the best one? You might ask.

Thankfully, our ingenious friends at Bounce have ranked the top 62 airlines in the globe. On-time arrivals, cancellation rates, customer satisfaction, and free checked baggage were only some of the metrics studied. In the survey, both domestic and foreign airlines were considered to determine which ones were the most likely to leave their passengers with a positive impression.

Best international airlines in the world

Leading the pack are the top 10 airlines, which include Singapore Airlines at number one. Runner-up is All Nippon Airways.  Korea Air takes up the third spot while Qatar Airways and Vistara round up the top five.

Hainan Airlines and Finnair comes at 6th and 7th respectively. Ethiopian Airlines flies into the 8th rank. Completing the top ten are Emirates and Aegean Airlines.

#1 Singapore Airlines, Singapore

Not too many people would disagree that Singapore Airlines is the best international carrier overall. At just 0.19 percent, Singapore Airlines had one of the lowest cancellation rates in 2021, and its 86.04% on-time arrival percentage was also impressive. There are only five airlines on this list, and Singapore Airlines is one of them since it consistently receives high marks for its food, entertainment, cabin design, and customer service. One other perk is that both domestic and international flights provide free checked baggage up to 30 kg.

Singapore Airlines offers flights to more than 130 locations worldwide, and their passengers can always count on first-rate treatment. A lot of people take advantage of Singapore Airlines’ daily service from Los Angeles to Singapore.

#2 All Nippon Airways

All Nippon Airways (ANA), which is based in Japan, is the world’s second-best airline. A whopping 89.14% of ANA’s flights arrive on schedule, and the airline receives a perfect 5/5 for service from its employees (along with 4/5s for food, entertainment, and comfort). In addition, ANA’s 46-kilogram (100-pound) international free checked baggage allowance is the most among these carriers.

China, Southeast Asia, the United States, and Western Europe are just a few of the places that customers can fly to via ANA’s international travel network.

#3 Korean Air

Korean Air, the world’s third-best airline, with respectable on-time arrival and cancelation rates of 84.33% and 0.92%, respectively. The free baggage limit of 12 kg is a nice touch, and Korean Air also provides excellent food, entertainment, service, and seats.

Two of Korean Air’s routes between South Korea and the United States are among the most traveled routes in the world. During the summer, the airline operated a total of 14 flights per week (twice daily) between Incheon and Los Angeles and 14 flights per week (twice daily) between Incheon and New York.

Lowest-ranked international airlines

Lion Air (Indonesia)

Indonesia’s Lion Air is last. Lion Air had 42.27 percent on-time arrivals and 34.43 percent cancellations. Just last year, one-third of Lion Air flights were canceled. It doesn’t come as a surprise that Lion Air got a 1/5 for meals/entertainment and 2/5 for seat comfort/service.

Wings Air (Indonesia)

There’s another Indonesian airline. Wings Air has a 49.78% on-time arrival and 20.63 cancellation rate. 1/5 for meals/entertainment, 2/5 for seat comfort/service.

Flydubai (UAE)

Flydubai’s on-time arrival and cancellation percentages are better than the bottom two. Flydubai ranks third worst in food, in-flight entertainment, seat comfort, and personnel service. Also, free baggage allowances are non existent.

Highest and lowest-ranked domestic airlines

On the domestic category, Hawaiian Airlines, Alaska Airlines and Southwest Airlines takes the top three spot.

While the lowliest graded domestic airlines with the most room space for growth are Spirit Airlines, Allegiant Air and United Airlines — all United States-based airlines.


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