Coulisse Heir Introduces Post-Covid Hair Loss Treatment


You’ve probably heard of long Covid symptoms – essentially symptoms that people experience long after they have recovered from Covid, such as headache, cough etc. But do you know that post-Covid, there are some people who suffer from hair loss too?  This is why premium hair and scalp care advocate Coulisse Heir has come up with Post-Covid Hair Loss Therapy, a tailored scalp therapy to treat temporary hair loss resulting from Covid-19 vaccines and after a Coronavirus infection.

A pampered hair treatment experience at Coulisse Heir.

Dealing with the uncertainty of having the virus, as well as the anxiety of being quarantined and worried about infecting loved ones, has been a big disruption of daily life. Daily life stressors elicit emotional reactions, which can in turn cause shock waves within the body, which might interfere with the body’s internal cycles.

Co-Founder of Coulisse Heir, Selina Ong, shares her observation: “We have had an increasing number of customers experiencing unexplained hair loss, with several being only in their twenties. Our treatment has already helped many of our customers regain their confidence.”

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Done under the care of experienced and trained therapists, Post-Covid Hair Loss Therapy uses a selection of Coulisse Heir’s in-house product range. This 60-minute treatment will work to help the scalp build up blood capillaries, improve nutrition absorption, and protect and revitalise weak roots.

To release tension and prepare the scalp, hair brushing and a shoulder massage are performed as a first step. The Co-Cleanser is applied to the scalp to remove buildup, followed by a double cleanse with the Hair Loss Cleanser, which is gently massaged into the scalp to stimulate hair follicles. After the cleansing, the scalp undergoes exfoliation for about eight minutes.

The scalp treatment starts with double cleansing.

The Scalp Activator Mask is put on and massaged into the scalp to help it absorb the mask and increase blood flow to the scalp. The mask exfoliates dead skin and nourishes the scalp. There is a tingling sensation as menthol is one of the ingredients in the mask.

After the mask, the residue is rinsed using a Nano Spa Mist to seal in the nutrients. Unlike normal steamers which may damage the scalp with heat, the nano mist works by breaking water molecules into smaller particles.

Following the Nano Spa Mist, the therapist puts on my scalp a Recharge spray that contains micro carbonated bubbles that literally pop as the therapist presses them. The carbonated bubbles is said to promote hair volume, flexibility, and help hair grow. The final step is to apply Scalp Builder, a carbonated hair development chemical that fortify hair and stimulate stem cells.

I can’t say for sure if the Post-Covid Hair Loss Therapy works, given that one probably has to go through several sessions to see real results. But I left the salon with bliss and a feeling of my scalp feeling squeaky clean.

The 60-minute Post-Covid Hair Loss Therapy costs S$197 per session. Coulisse Heir is located at Ion Orchard, #04-02, Singapore 238801. For bookings: WhatsApp: 8339 2114 or Email: [email protected].


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