Maison 21G collaborates with local artists to present a polysensorial reconnection


From 10 to 25 November 2022, Parisian haute perfumery house Maison 21G is holding “A Polysensorial Reconnection” in Singapore.

The event seeks to illustrate yet another creative platform for Maison 21G, which has in the past worked with creative personalities from different fields to come up with new fragrances.

The six curated scents.

Photographer Lee Yik Keat, digital illustrator André Wee, and DJ/producer MYRNE will all have their work featured at the multi-sensory show. Floral, Aquatic, Woody, Citrus, and Amber are the five signature scents that Maison 21G Founder and Master Scent Designer Johanna Monange has commissioned a variety of artists to interpret in their own unique ways. This exhibition will feature a unique combination of the Woody and Floral families that inspired Andre’s digital artwork, La Création.

Waves by Yik Keat.

The essence of each scent family was captured by Maison 21G founder and Master Scent Desi Yik Keat. Keat then added more texture to emphasise the way in which various ingredients blend perfectly together to create perfumery magic. MYRNE took a novel approach by creating five original tracks that musically depict what each fragrance would sound like. Take in Yik Keat’s stunning photography while listening to the music MYRNE composed just for each of the accords. André beautifully caught the awe-inspiring potential of perfumery that blossoms within a bottle when you combine two different accords.

Curated Scents

During the event, scent enthusiasts may get a 30ml eau de parfum (EDP) of one of six specially chosen fragrances (Floral, Aquatic, Woody, Citrus, Amber, or La Création for S$150) or a 100ml EDP (for S$320).

Fragrance for a Polysensorial Reconnection .

The six different languages on the bottle’s label represent the countries where Maison 21G sells its products. These fragrances will be available just at the Duxton Flagship Boutique and the Marina Bay Sands Boutique.

Maison 21G’s Duxton Flagship Boutique will be the only location where the exhibition can be seen for the first week. The following week, the display will move to the brand’s Marina Bay Sands Boutique, where a larger audience will be able to enjoy this groundbreaking polysensorial exhibition for the first time in Singapore.


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