Luzerne Marks 75th anniversary With Opening of Gallery


As part of celebrations for its 75th anniversary, the Singapore branch of internationally renowned dinnerware manufacturer Luzerne has opened its main gallery and retail location, The Luzerne. Located on Bendemeer Road, The Luzerne, Singapore is located in a family-owned property featuring three premium brand experiences: The Gallery, The Shop (the first Luzerne retail location in Singapore), and The Residence (the company’s global headquarters).

Luzerne’s creations exudes “bliss”.

Luzerne creates high-end dinnerware for some of the most well-known names in the restaurant, hotel, retail, and aviation industries. In Singapore, The Luzerne has a special area called The Gallery catering to HORECA (hotels, restaurants, and coffee shops) customers. The Gallery features more than 3,000 one-of-a-kind pieces of Luzerne ceramics from 40 collections. It has since become the go-to spot for HORECA clients in Singapore to peruse millions of different plating options.

A homegrown brand sought after globally

Produced with great pride in Dehua, China, the world ceramics capital, and the area where Blanc de Chine (white porcelain) was first created, Luzerne’s creations are a wonderful addition to any home. Dehua’s native kaolin clay is used to make white porcelain, which is noted for its peculiar translucent texture and delicate ivory hue achieved by high firing temperatures.

“Rustic” looking tableware.

More than 800 artisans in five locations (Shanghai, Xiamen, Dehua, Cambodia, and Singapore) maintain Luzerne’s presence in over 58 countries. Using a combination of sophisticated fully automated machinery and time-honoured methods including hand-painting, glazing, pad-printing, and decal application, the business produces over 28 million pieces of durable and aesthetically pleasing ceramic dinnerware every year.

Handmade with the finest craftmanship.

Luzerne’s revolutionary innovative attitude in employing bone ash-free materials across its whole product range is a testament to the company’s desire to develop a sustainable, culturally aware worldwide brand, setting it apart from its competitors.

The distinct white porcelain creations of Luzerne.

One other novel aspect of the brand is that they “birthmark” each item with the day they were created. When “older” creations continue to look fresh after decades of usage, it signifies the company’s commitment to quality. Because of its superior craftsmanship and design, Luzerne tableware is widely regarded as the gold standard in fine dining and is also popular in high-end households around the world.


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