Martell Singapore Introduces Curated “Perfect Pairing” Gastronomic Experiences


Pairing delicious cuisine with a fine drink is essential for people with opulent tastes. Great news, Martell Singapore has made this whim for a superb gourmet experience a reality.

Martell Singapore has just unveiled Perfect Pairing by Martell – an exclusive curated selection of gastronomic creations that will pair the iconic Martell Cordon Bleu as well as other legendary blends of the storied cognac house with exquisite dining experiences at 11 dining partners in Singapore.

Angus Beef Flambé with Martell Cordon Bleu at Chinoiserie

Featuring a staggeringly varied range of dining partners, Perfect Pairing by Martell eloquently illustrates how Martell’s cognac range can complement exemplary flavours, working with renowned Chinese restaurants such as Taste Paradise and Yan’s Dining, Western restaurants such as the steakhouse The Feather Blade, the unconventional and visionary wine hall, Corduroy Palace, and more.

The Perfect Pairing by Martell dining partners are Avenue87, Corduroy Palace, Good Graces, Chonoiserie, Madame Fan, Mimi, Table65, Taste Paradise, Yan’s Dining, The Feather Blade and Table at 7.

Jiangnan Appetizers Served with Noblige & Coffee at Yan’s Dining

Perfect Pairing by Martell is happening from 14 October to 18 December 2022. Each Perfect Pairing by Martell experience will highlight the rich narratives that reinforce every delightful culinary creation. From unexpected new delights to re-imagined familiar classics, it shall provide diners with an unparalleled opportunity to discover the finesse and marvellous versatility of Martell cognacs to elevate taste and flavor across a diverse range of cuisines.

Martell Cordon Bleu Presents Fresh, Unexpected Recipe Ideas

The Perfect Pairing by Martell menu will showcase a number of dishes that feature Martell Cordon Bleu. A renowned brand that is both very emblematic of and an icon for the Martell brand.

Perfect Pairing at Madame Fan

Additionally, diners will be treated to special rites and ceremonies featuring Martell’s cognacs that will forever imprint these magical voyages of discovery in their minds and hearts, guaranteeing that these meals will be the subject of conversation for months and years to come.

The Perfect Pairing by Martell cognac pairing culinary trips, which start at S$198 per person, are more than just gastronomic experiences. These painstakingly crafted gourmet options, inspired by Martell’s customary ambition and flair, are poised to convert the commonplace into audacious experiences that will engage not just diners’ senses, but also their love for spontaneity and tales, at every meal time.

Fine food and drink pairing at Corduroy Place

Bookings for Perfect Pairing by Martell’s tailored menus begin on 14 October 2022. Visit the Perfect Pairing by Martell website for more information on how to reserve a seat and details on each dining partner and their tailored menus.


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