Wagatomo: A Smokier Take on Contemporary Japanese Fare


Fans of Japanese food will find themselves spoilt for choice at Guoco Tower in the Tanjong Pagar area of Singapore. Japanese restaurants have been popping up in the area and the lastest to make the list is Wagatomo.

Formerly from Akira Back, Chef Tomoyuki Kiga has taken his innovative kitchen skills to Wagatomo, his new home. The restaurant deviates from the conventional concept of Japanese food and puts a bolder, smokier take on modern Japanese delicacies.

The exterior of Wagatomo is understated. It did take us some time to find it on the first level of Guoco Tower. Upon entering the cosy restaurant, you will see Wagatomo’s lively kitchen at work, with its chefs working on grilling Japanese fare on an open grill heated with binchotan charcoal and oak wood.

Chef Tomoyuki Kiga showcases his innovative interpretations of Japanese food, from an open kitchen to an open grill. Photo © Wagatomo

Wagatomo’s Flavorful Menu

Wagatomo offers an a la carte menu for both lunch and supper, emphasising the restaurant’s desire to serve only the finest and most exquisite cuisine. The A5 Wagyu Pizza (S$32) is a must-try. Don’t be deceived by the name though; it’s not exactly a pizza. Instead of a pizza crust, the dish features a crispy waffle-like base topped with slices of the restaurant’s famous A5 wagyu beef, ponzu mayo, pickled myoga, yuzu kosho cream, and a sprinkle of truffle oil.

Wagyu Pizza. Photo © Wagatomo

Another cold dish, Hokkaido Scallop (S$27) is served raw with mango sambal, yuzu oroshi, and a delicious nanbanzu, a marriage of ponzu and amazu. The sweetness of the scallops permeates through and works perfectly with the flavours of the condiments.

Hokkaido Scallop. Photo © Asia 361

For hot bites, Scampi Ochazuke (S$35) is Chef Tomoyuki’s take on the classic ochazuke green tea over rice. The ethereal-looking dish features Scampi dashi, caviar and smoked pickled daikon. It is a dish that works well on its own or with a side of well curated craft beer.

For meat lovers, we would suggest going for the Pork Chop (S$42). The chef uses Duroc pork, which has a high degree of marbling, intense flavour and juiciness. The Pork Chop, coupled with yuzu miso glaze and apple fennel slaw, was hands-down the favourite dish among us at the table.

The Pork Chop wins us over with its intense flavour and juiciness. Photo © Asia 361

Beef lovers can opt for the A5 Tri Tip (S$98). Slow-cooked for six hours, the A5 Tri Tip is Kamichiku Satsuma Gyu that is seasoned with a sansho spice rub for flavour that penetrates right to the deepest centre. It comes with charred onion puree to round off the meal.

Also available for lunch are donburi packages perfect for on-the-go dining and come with a house salad and Monaka dessert. Evening meals, meanwhile, places an emphasis on specially chosen dishes prepared with both traditional and modern techniques. The beverage menu at Wagatomo is an integral component of the restaurant’s overall offering. It has a wide variety of sakes, umeshu, and Japanese craft beer carefully curated to pair with the restaurant’s food.

One can be assured of the finest quality ingredients being used at Wagatomo. If we may have a gripe, we wish the portions are bigger because we left the restaurant wanting more. Or perhaps, the food is too good.

5 Wallich St
#01-12 Guoco Tower
Singapore 078883
Tel: +65 8313 6622

Opening hours: Mon to Sat – 11.30am to 2.30pm and 5.30pm to 10.30pm; Closed on Sunday


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