Skincare at Home Gets Made Easier With mtm labo’s New Home Care Series


Say goodbye to unglamorous “I woke up like this” images of yourself when you get your hands on these Home Care Series from mtm labo. This homegrown skincare brand has created a line of home care tools to supplement skincare regimens, inspired by the ancient practice of Chinese Medicine to stimulate blood circulation, revitalise vitality, and increase the efficacy of skincare products.

Each kit is composed of food-grade stainless steel, which is anti-bacterial, cool to the touch, and long-lasting. The home care instruments are easy to clean and store because they are non-porous and cold by nature, preventing bacteria buildup that can be transmitted onto the skin. Here’s a look at mtm labo’s Home Care series:

Rejuvenating Mask Tool

Released in August, this is the first of mtm labo’s Home Care Series. The rejuvenating mask tool (S$155) aids in the application of face masks and multi-mask mixing. A mask bowl with removable suction base, silicone mask brush, and mask spatula are included. Home users can improve their skin’s ability to absorb moisture, revitalise their skin, and tighten up their skin overnight.

Facial Guasha Plate

Slated for a September release is the Facial Guasha Plate (S$155). This skincare solution helps elevate the glow of the skin, making it appear youthful looking. The specially designed plate has multiple curves and edges that allow you to massage and improve blood circulation while also delivering oxygen evenly across the skin. This helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles on the face and neck, as well as massage and stimulate the various acupoints on the face. Best to massage your skin with the plate to improve skincare absorption and achieve great contour and luminous complexion.

Revitalising Eye Massager

Set to debut in October, the Revitalising Eye Massage (S$225) will be a good investment. The titanium plating complements mtm labo’s custom-blended eye-care products, aiding in the absorption of the products. The tool can also help reduce the appearance of dark circles and fine wrinkles around the eyes. The eye massager may be refrigerated to increase the cooling impact of the stainless-steel tool and help in further decreasing heaviness around the eyes.

Anti-Ageing Facial Roller

Come November, start appearing younger than your age with the help of this facial roller. For S$296, the roller comes with two sizes of rollers users can apply to the different areas of the face. The small roller addresses the sensitive portions of the face, such as the eyes, corners of the mouth, and sides of the nose. The big roller can handle larger areas of the face, such as the cheeks, chin, and neck. This facial roller improve serum and moisturiser absorption in addition to increasing blood circulation and oxygen delivery.

3D Lifting Facial Guasha Tool

Wrapping up mtm labo’s Home Care Series in December is the release of the 3D Lifting Facial Guasha Tool (S$179). This instrument includes a big face plate for lifting, contouring, and tightening the skin. Using it for gua sha helps to contour your face and neck whilst still straightening and depuffing the skin.

From 19 August through 20 December 2022, mtm labo will release a new home care tool kit every month. The Home Care Series will be available in shops and online, with the first tool set – the Rejuvenating Mask Tool – going on sale on 19 August 2022.

To find out more about mtm labo and their home care series, visit their website here.


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