Japan IPL Express Lets You Call the Shots For a Free IPL Weekend


Most people shy away from Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment because of such factors as costs and difficulty of scheduling an appointment. Good thing, Japan IPL Express, Singapore’s first unisex IPL salon, is in the know of customers’ concerns and wishes to change that perception about IPL.

Japan IPL Express is celebrating its ninth anniversary by inviting everyone to experience this cutting-edge treatment during their Free IPL Weekend on 3 and 4 September 2022.

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This Saturday, all existing Japan IPL Express patrons can get 100 free IPL Shots while all customers including new and current ones, can have their free 100 IPL Shots from 10.30am until 9pm. This offering is available at any of their 14 branches islandwide, with the most recent chain opening at JEM to serve customers in the West.

Wait, there’s more. New customers are entitled to an additional 20 free Shots.

Customers may utilise their free Shots™ on any treatment area except Brazilian, Boyzilian, and a Full Facial during the special weekend. Customers also have the option to use all 100 free Shots on the same day or save some for another session within one month.

It’s the kind of good deal that keeps on giving as any customer who claims their 100 free IPL Shots can also purchase 90 Shot post-session for only S$29 (U.P. S$216). These Shots™ have a four-month expiration date and can be used on any location, including Brazilian, Boyzilian, and Full Facial, beginning 5 September.

Japan IPL Express is releasing a new advertising tagline “You Call the Shots” to help promote the marvels of IPL therapy. This new campaign represents their “no appointment, no package” approach which is ideal for professionals, students and parents with demanding daily schedules. Customers just pay for the shots they require, which eliminates any hard-selling methods. You can immediately start your IPL journey by simply walking into any outlet in Singapore.

As the first unisex salon in Singapore, Japan IPL Express also invites clients of all genders who wish to nurture their skin with proper nutrients and care using the numerous skincare products that Japan IPL Express promotes. These includes the extra care Feminine Wipes (S$6.90) and the skinbooster™️ Liposome Treatment Concentrate ($24).

For more details, visit Japan IPL Express website.


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