Jabra Releases the New Engage 55 Wireless Professional Headset


On-the-go hybrid-working professionals seeking to communicate with business partners and clients can now clearly make calls whenever and wherever they can. Thanks to Engage 55, the latest in the Engage series of Jabra, the leader in personal sound and office solutions, users of this portable headset can now “walk and talk” with unmatched conversation quality.


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Engineered to boost communications, this latest headset from Jabra features military-grade 256-bit encryption and improved noise cancelling technology and a voice enhancing microphone that allows users to converse without any outside sound intrusion. It also has a long wireless range of up to 150m/490ft connectivity reach with highest DECT security and perfectly pair with all leading Unified Communications and Contract Centre platforms.

Pandemic Zoom Fatigue

During the height of the pandemic when companies resorted to remote working set-up, many professionals relied on Unified Communication solutions to communicate with each other. This resulted into what a recent study shows, of a 3,300% increase in Annual Zoom meetings in 2020-2021, and a 645% uptick in active MS Teams users.

Additionally, the study suggests that the credibility of a speaker hinges on their audio quality. The poorer the quality, the less credible they sound to the other Zoom call participants. It was also proven that whenever we listen to poor-quality audio, our brain normally strains which leads to depletion of energy and inability to focus properly.

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All of these issues were not lost on Jabra’s development team that has now released a portable headset that aims to improve every professional’s online communication experience and ensure that no more employees suffer from Zoom fatigue. When plugged in, the headset comes with a link 400 USB DECT adapter, which is larger and more stable. Not only is the adapter more advanced than its competitors, but it is also built to last. Aside from the updated features that ensure crystal-clear calls when using the Jabra Engage 55, the new headset also includes several security protocols.

Here’s a quick overview of the key features of the Engage 55:

  • Premium open office microphone – Removes background noise for crystal clear communication
  • Military grade security – DECT security level C
  • Up to 150m/490ft connectivity range – 15x greater than any Class 2 Bluetooth range
  • Link 400 DECT USB dongle – with a tough ‘puck’ design for easy transport
  • Professional speech clarity – Speakers enjoys an optimised speech quality
  • Compatible with all leading Unified Communications and Contact Centre platforms, including Microsoft Teams.
    Zoom, Cisco, Unify, Amazon Chime, Google Meet, Avaya, Unify, and Alcatel Lucent are just a few examples.
  • Lightweight all-day comfort – 18-83g, low pressure
  • SafeTone 2.0 protection for hearing health
  • Discourage interruptions with a busylight on the earcup and boom-arm
  • Wearing Style Options – Stereo / Mono / Convertible

“Research clearly shows that security is an increasing factor for businesses when deciding on new call technology. At the same time, safeguarding information exchange should not affect call quality, customer satisfaction, and staff productivity,” said Anders Hvelplund, SVP of Call-Centric BU and Global Services at Jabra.

“With the Jabra Engage 55, anyone who engages in back-to-back calls are guaranteed a superior call experience, and those who work remotely will no longer have to be concerned about eavesdropping and therefore data breaches.”


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