Need a Crypto Wallet for NFTs? UKISS Hugware is Your Answer to an Easy-to-Use and Secure Digital Wallet


If you are a crypto newbie, one of the first things you need is a digital wallet – and a safe and secure one at that. Singapore tech-startup UKISS Technology seeks to give you that with the launch of UKISS Hugware – the world’s first seed phrase-free wallet.

You might have read about Stefan Thomas, the German-born programmer from San Francisco who lost his password to his digital wallet and US$220 million worth of Bitcoin. Well, you wouldn’t want to be that guy.

UKISS Hugware is the solution for forgetful folks. It is a self-custody wallet with a simpler recovery process while safeguarding your NFTs, digital and crypto assets. It boasts a patented recovery technology that does away with recovery phrases, hence reducing the occurrence of human error, theft and phishing.

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How does UKISS Hugware work?

Retailing at US$139, each Hugware comes in a pair, comprising an Authentication Key (A-Key) and a Rescue Key (R-Key), as well as a five-year warranty.

The A-Key holds your private keys and is used to manage your digital assets. It is used to provide authentication or confirm transactions. The R-Key comes into play when users wish to recover access should the need arises. It backs up the master seed for wallet recovery. In other words, it’s your lifesaver.

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During the setup process, the A-Key generates the master seed and then synchronise with the R-Key seamlessly. Private keys are stored in the hardware. The seed does not need to be translated into recovery phrases. Still, the onus is on the Hugware owner to store the device in a safe place and safeguard the device with a strong authentication PIN.

In terms of design, the A-Key and R-Key are pocket-sized, making it easy to carry with you. Hugware also comes with USB and USB-C connectors that allow you to plug the keys into your device.

In the event that you lose either one of your keys, fret not – Hugware offers a security system that is programmed to lock the device after 10 failed login attempts.

Hugware supports multiple blockchain solutions and is currently available on desktop for Windows and MacOS. Each Hugware comes with a Certificate of Authencity recorded on blockchain.

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