Roots Regenerative Brings the First Ever Antibiotic and Hormone-Free Regenerative Beef to Singapore from Australia


Not into plant-based meat yet not keen on the unsustainable meat options in the market? You might want to check out Roots Regenerative – the next-generation beef produced from regenerative agriculture.

What is Regenerative Agriculture?

According to the Rodale Institute, regenerative agriculture is a system of farming practices that “improves the resources it uses, rather than destroying or depleting them.” It seeks to enhance the agro-ecosystem with emphasis on soil health, water management and fertiliser use, among other things. With improved soil health, the soil becomes becomes more resilient and can withstand climate change conditions such as flooding and drought.

Another benefit of regenerative farming is that it pulls carbon from the atmosphere and sequester it in the ground. This process is done through photosynthesis of plants and the carbon is stored in the form of soil organic carbon, helping to fight the climate crisis.

Such a method not only sustain the current state of environment, it heals and regenerates the land too.

What is Roots Regenerative?

Photo © Roots Regenerative

Hailing from Australia, Roots Regenerative produces beef that is 100% fed with grass and raised on dedicated regenerative farms. Regenerative farms strives to rehabilitate and enhance the ecosystem through planned cattle grazing.

Created by Queensland-based beef supply chain Paradigm Foods, Roots Regenerative works with cattle producers in Eastern Australia and all the approved suppliers must be verified as ‘regenerative’ through a strict verification process. For example, satellite imagery is used to assess the groundcover, pasture quality, remnant vegetation, tree cover and deforestation. The farmers are benchmarked against surrounding properties under this satellite assessment.

Roots Regenerative is also the first Australian beef brand to be approved by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) to be marketed as ‘regenerative’.

The cattle are free-ranging and are not given any antibiotics or hormones throughout their entire lifespan. The result? Nutritious, wholesome and natural beef that does not increase carbon footprint.

Roots Regenerative Beef is currently available online at Redmart. It will also be available on the menu of Yardbird Southern Table and Bar from September 2022 onwards.


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