Gambero Rosso’s Top Italian Wines Roadshow 2022: Welcomed Return of a Top Wine Event


After a two-year hiatus, Gambero Rosso’s Top Italian Wines Roadshow makes a welcomed return at Chjimes on 1 June 2022. Singapore is the first Asian stop for the roadshow, with premium wines from 52 illustrious Italian wineries available for tastings.  

Since 2007, the Top Italian Wines Roadshow has become a well-established platform for reaching out to emerging markets and offering new opportunities to the local and regional business partners.  The roadshow not only offers a comprehensive selection of the diverse Italian wine landscape, but also exclusive master-classes led by Gambero Rosso’s wine experts, including Mr. Marco Sabellico and Mr. Giuseppe Carrus, editors of the Vini d’Italia Wine Guide. 

Mr Marco Sabellico (second from the right), Senior Editor-in-Chief of Vini d’Italia Wine Guide gives the welcome address.

A wine exhibitor chats with a wine enthusiast at the Top Italian Wines Roadshop 2022. © Asia361 | Justin Teo

A visitor enjoys tasting the wide collection of fine Italian wines at the Top Italian Wines Roadshop 2022. © Asia361 | Justin Teo

The MasterClass

Italian wines can be intimidating for international consumers due to the diverse offerings, countless wineries, and also perhaps the obfuscating labels. The Gambero Rosso roadshow promises to be an excellent avenue to educate and generate awareness for Italian wine territories and wineries. Italy has a rich-history of wine-making, dating all the way to early Roman periods. As a maker of old-world wines, Italy is well-known for producing top wines that are highly regarded by oenophiles and wine collectors

The master-class I attended did not disappoint. With no less than 17 award-winning wines, Mr. Sabellico and Mr. Carrus took the participants on a heady tour of the Italian countryside. It may sound overwhelming, with so many wines on the table, but it has allowed one to truly taste the diversity and contrasting styles across the country.  

Mr Marco Sabellico (left) and Mr Giuseppe Carrus lead (right) the masterclass on a tour of the Italian wine landscape.  The latest copy of the Vini d’Italia wine guide is on the table with its unmistakable red cover. © Asia361 | Justin Teo

One of the seventeen wines being poured for the masterclass at the Top Italian Wines Roadshop. © Asia361 | Justin Teo

From the sublime selection of six Sicilian wines, I could almost taste the changes in climate on the island as I was led from the warm humid costal region to the cooler slopes of Mount Etna. While tasting a particular flight of four wines made with Primitivo, Mr. Sabellico shared the curious story on how the grape in Italy got transplanted to the New World in California and become known as Zinfandel.  

“Smile, there’s Wine”. A spit cup given to each visitor at the Top Italian Wines Roadshow 2022. © Asia361 | Justin Teo

Gambero Rosso

More than a roadshow, Gambero Rosso is a major publishing house and a leader in training for wine and food in Italy. Named after a café in the seminal children literature of Pinocchio, Gambero Rosso has been publishing its iconic Vini d’Italia Wine Guide since 1987.  With its unmistakable red cover, the latest 2022 edition of the guide is a treasure trove for oenophiles that offers a listing of over 2600 Italian wine producers and ratings for more than 25,000 wines.  

The Vini d’Italia Wine Guide is translated into Chinese, Japanese, English and German. The Gambero symbol of wine excellence, Tre Bicchieri (three glasses), has become the benchmark award, and an unquestioned reference point, a guarantee of premium quality all over the world. It has even been chosen as the criteria for access into some of the most important wine monopolies in the world. Alongside the Italian monthly, Gambero Rosso Wine Travel Food is the international magazine in English, read by experts and wine enthusiasts all over the world.


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