Plant-Based Hand Sanitiser ESTA Launches Festive CNY Collection


Hand sanitisers are dime a dozen on the market but products that are eco-friendly and come with no harsh ingredients such as alcohol are hard to come by. Well, you can look no further than home-grown label ESTA for pocket-friendly plant-based hand sanitisers that are gentle, non-toxic and contain no harsh chemicals.

One of the selling points of ESTA is its long-lasting 24-hour continuous protection, thanks to its patented technology “UltraBactech” that can kill 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and germs with high efficacy. ESTA products are derived from natural botanicals and do not rely on toxic chemicals to provide effective anti-microbial solution.

The company boasts a clean label extraction technology that transforms botanical sources into natural anti-microbial agents with no toxic waste released into the environment. ESTA also sources for raw materials from companies with ethical practices.

ESTA has launched a range of products that come in convenient sizes – from card-sized spray hand sanitisers to refillable bottles that can be put in your car or bag. The brand has also recently a range of Chinese New Year-themed products that are specially designed for the festive season.

Prices range from $7.50 for a foaming hand soap to $17.90 for a 300ml Multi-purpose Air and Surface Disinfectant. ESTA products are available online at and retail outlets such as Isetan, Design Orchard Coldwear stores, Trixillini, National Gallery, Providore restaurants and Grace Healthcare Pharmacy stores.


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