Cold Storage Sets the Gold Standard for Supermarkets With Paragon Flagship Outlet


Cold Storage is known as the “fresh food people” and that tagline now is even more apt with the opening of a new flagship outlet called CS Fresh Gold at Paragon.

DFI Retail Group, which owns the Cold Storage chain, is revamping all 48 Cold Storage stores by end 2022 as part of a $40 million rebranding exercise. The launch of CS Fresh Gold kicked off the exercise, which will also see all Market Place outlets being rebranded as CS Fresh.

Spanning 1,848 sq. metres, the CS Fresh Gold flagship store at Paragon is unlike any other Cold Storage outlet seen before, providing an upscale shopping experience for customers. Here are some the highlights:

Exclusive Tie-Ups

At CS Fresh Gold, don’t be surprised when you see popular local brands like Ryan’s Grocery and Crystal Jade setting up shop within the supermarket. Through collaborations with these brands, CS Fresh Gold offers shoppers more choices with premium meats, ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat meals.

Photo © Asia 361

Photo © Asia 361

Singapore’s Largest Organic Produce Range

Photo © Asia 361

Shoppers are making more informed choices and increasingly making a conscious effort to choose organic produce. At CS Fresh Gold, you would be able to find what is said to be the biggest range of organic produce you can find in Singapore.

Prefer to grow your own? There is also a section where you can pick and choose from a wide variety of herbs to grow in your home. We even spotted less common plants like olive among the potted plant offerings.

Photo © Asia 361

Premium Australian Bakery

Photo © Asia 361

The aroma of fresh bakes hits you the moment you step into CS Fresh Gold, all thanks to the bakery section situated at the entrance. We learned that the artisanal bread are made in Australia and flown over to Singapore for the final touch of baking in the oven. Our recommended pick – the Sour Dough Multigrain Vienna – is a must for sour dough lovers.

Photo © Asia 361

Extensive Range of Whisky, Wines and Craft Beer

Photo © Asia 361

We have not seen a supermarket in Singapore that offers such a variety of whisky, wines, as well as local and international craft beer. There is even a good range of sustainable wine for the environmentally conscious shopper.

Photo © Asia 361

Singapore’s First Doggy Treats Bar

Photo © DFI Retail Group

Paw-rents would be absolutely delighted to find at CS Fresh Gold the first doggy treats bar in Singapore. There is a wide variety of dog treats made by Alison’s Pantry, such as Venison Soft Jerky, Salmon Training Treats, Soft Chicken Bites and more. What’s more, the ingredients are spelt out so you can check for yourself if the treat is suitable for your pooch.

CS Fresh Gold has certainly changed the way we look at supermarkets now. Get ready to embark on a multi-sensorial experience when you shop there.


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