Tok Tok Indonesian Restaurant – A Taste of Authentic Indonesian Food in Quaint Katong


When I think of Indonesian food, I immediately think of family, dinner at home, the warmth of being together with your loved ones. It is of little wonder then that the same family warmth is what makes Tok Tok Indonesian Restaurant – a family dining concept showcasing much-loved Indonesian favourites.

Nestled in the cultural enclave of Katong, the decor of the restaurant is simple with muted colours. The interior is not loud but inviting. My dining companion remarked that the restaurant reminds her of home, which might just be how Tok Tok wants their diners to feel when they dine at the restaurant.


Simple and understated the decor may be, the food at Tok Tok certainly is not. I wasn’t prepared for the explosion of flavours that I would taste – in a good way, of course. With Tok Tok’s family dining concept, you wouldn’t want to miss its variety of main dishes that can complement their signature Nasi Uduk (S$2.80), which is absolutely fragrant as the rice has been cooked in Santan coconut milk with an added Indonesian twist.

The first dish that impressed me was the Ketoprak (S$12.80), a dish with vermicelli noodles and vegetables, slathered with fine, roasted peanut sauce. I was pleasantly surprised the noodles and the peanut sauce complement each other, attributed much to the flavourful sauce. Suffice to say, the sauce was the star of this dish.

Ketoprak is a medley of flavours and a must-try. Photo © Tok Tok

For a heartier dish, go for the Buntut Bakar Saus Kacang (S$16.80), another personal favourite of mine. I was amazed by how good the grilled oxtail tasted. Coated with kecap manis (Indonesian sweet soya sauce) and grilled for extra smokey char and caramelisation. The beef is so tender it melts in your mouth.

The beef in Buntut Bakar Saus Kacang is meltingly tender. Photo © Tok Tok

Now, you would definitely need drinks to tone down the hearty feast. The drinks at Tok Tok have different personalities with their own distinct flavour. To start, we have Tebet (S$7.80), a hybrid of spiced lemongrass and tamarind paste with muddled lime and mango juice. I could tell just from smelling that this drink would assault my taste buds — and it did. It has a mix of sweet yet spicy flavours, which would leave your taste buds either hating it or loving it.

If you are not so adventurous when it comes to drinks, a safer bet would be Canggu (S$7.80) and Kemang (S$7.80). Canggu is refreshing with a blend of pineapple juice, muddled lime and soda water. With shaved ice on top, it is one drink to definitely freshen up your palate. Kemang, on the other hand, features muddled calamansi and kiwi mixed with soda water  and infused with a touch of mint leaf. With its sassy and sour dash, Kemang is one drink that would wake you up instantly.

After trying out that many dishes, my stomach needed a break but as the adage goes, there’s always room for desserts. The chef at Tok Tok mentioned how Roti Bakar (S$8.80), Es Teler (S$5.80) and Pisang Goreng (S$5.80) are all iconic Indonesian street food. These food may not be the most aesthetically pleasing but simply how good it would taste.

Es Teler and Roti Bakar didn’t disappoint me. I like how authentic it looked with the copious amount of cheddar cheese on the Roti Bakar. The toast and chocolate condensed milk dessert topped with shaved cheddar cheese was humbly sweet. For Pisang Goreng, the fried banana fritters could be better if the helpings of the cheese and chocolate were more generous. Lastly, to end my lunch, I had the Es Teler, an Indonesian fruit cocktail served with coconut milk and sweetened condensed milk. Not too cloyingly sweet yet refreshing. I have a feeling this cocktail would be a hit with both the young and the old.

Beverages at Tok Tok are refreshing and go well with the hearty fare. Photo © Tok Tok


Overall, my outing at Tok Tok was a pleasant affair. I ended my lunch on a happy note. With Tok Tok’s family dining concept, this is one ideal place to enjoy authentic Indonesian cuisine with your loved ones.

Islandwide delivery and dine-in are currently available at Tok Tok.

Tok Tok Indonesian Restaurant
467 Joo Chiat Rd
Singapore 486038
Tel: +65 6908 3835

Opening hours: Weekdays – 11am to 3pm and 6pm to 10pm; Weekends and public holidays – 11am to 10pm


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