A Beautiful Day Cafe is Pretty in Pink With Its Floral-Themed Decor and Food


Floral-themed cafes are all the rage in cities like London. In Singapore, do you know there is also a floral-themed cafe that has just popped up in the east? Nestled within Changi City Point lies the picturesque cafe-bar A Beautiful Day.

My journey to Changi City Point has taken me one hour and I have hoped that the cafe would be worth the trip. I was not disappointed. At the entrance, one would already be entranced by the whimsical floral decoration that lines the door. However, the first thing that wowed me was neither the friendly staff who served me nor the eclectic interior, but a fabulously pink Instagram-worthy spot within the cafe.

Photo © Jolies Tan

The cafe seems to want to cater to different crowds. Apart from the pink corner, the other parts of the cafe exude different vibes. There is another hipster-ish corner much like a cosy living room, with rattan chairs, throw pillows and pictures adorning the wall. The general area, which sits about 60, gives off more of a beer garden feel, with wooden tables and a tree (not sure if it’s real) right in the middle of everything.

Photo © Asia 361

Photo © Asia 361


Of course, I was not there just for the decor, but the food too. The cafe has a menu featuring a considerable variety, from brunch to lunch to dinner offerings. On top of that, they had bar grub and a good selection of alcohol.

A Beautiful Day serves bar bites such as Buffalo Wings for those who want small nibbles. Photo © Asia 361

It seems that the restaurant’s signature dishes feature their homemade peri peri sauce a lot. I decided to try their Peri Peri Barramundi Fish ($21.90). Served with a mixed salad, the fish was so tender the meat fell apart as I tried to lift it. The slightly charred skin also added texture to the dish. The sauce was more tangier rather than spicy, which is great if you cannot handle spiciness. While the lime taste did assault the senses initially, the spice warmed up the throat in the aftertaste. If I may have one gripe, I felt that there should be less sauce as the strong flavour of the sauce overwhelmed the sweetness of the fish. 

The baby corn was crunchy and had a hint of butter while the salad was topped with a sweet dressing that complimented the tangy and spicy fish.

The Peri Peri Barramundi Fish packs a punch with its strong flavours and spiciness. Photo © Jolies Tan.

Inspired by the fuschia theme, I also ordered the cafe-recommended Pink Sugar’s Bandung Soufflé Pancake ($17.90) and Red Velvet Latte ($7). The soufflé takes a good 20 minutes to be ready so do make sure you are not in a rush if you wish to order this. The jiggly soufflé smelled as heavenly as it looked. I was taken by the effort in plating the dessert — it was served on an utterly intricate-looking mirror tray.

With all the pink decor, the soufflé and the latte all come together for an Instagram-worthy photo. Photo © Jolies Tan

The pancakes were moist all the way through and had a slight eggy taste. The light bandung taste of the cream caught me off-guard; when paired with the pancake, it did live up to the name of “Pink Sugar”. While the pink sugar rose cream looked like it would be cloying, it turned out to be light and not too sweet, with floral undertones. 

The Red Velvet Latte looks like it is fit for royalty. Photo © Jolies Tan

The Red Velvet Latte paired well with the soufflé. It had a sweet velvety taste and the scent of chocolate came through at the end. Being a coffee lover, this would be something I would attempt to recreate at home but I would tone down on the sweetness. 


To someone who does not have a sweet tooth, the pink-themed foods seemed daunting. Yet, A Beautiful Day surprised me with their offerings. With the ambience and the price, the cafe-bar is a go-to, especially if you are in the east.

Photo © Jolies Tan

Takeaways are currently available at the restaurant. 

A Beautiful Day
5 Changi Business Park Central 1
#01-70/71, Changi City Point
Singapore 486038
Tel: +65 9855 2826

Opening hours: Daily 11am to 11pm


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