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If you’re a parent of young kids like me, especially with two rambunctious boys in tow, you’ll know how important it is to have ready activities to keep them occupied, preferably those that exhaust their excess energy so they have a good night’s sleep. It’s not always easy to conjure up wholesome and fun activities for the young ones, particularly those that do not involve any screen time. Well… here comes SuperPark to the rescue!

Flying Fox

When SuperPark closed in October last year as yet another victim of the Covid-19 pandemic, we mourned the loss as SuperPark was one of those rare attractions that appealed to not just kids of all ages, but adults too. That is why we were super excited when we learnt it would be reopening under new management — the same team that runs Pororo Park Singapore in Marina Square and Tayo Station in Downtown East.


The appeal of SuperPark lies in its ability to offer a wide range of indoor sports activities in a fun, educational and safe environment. You get to try your hand (or feet!) at more than 20 sports-centric activities such as street basketball, street soccer and baseball. There are also highly interactive games like SuperPinBall (which involves you kicking a soccer ball at targets like in a pin ball machine), Hot Stepper and SuperHoop.

SuperHoop allows you to sink shots into basketball hoops, the catch being that some of them are placed quite high and far back. Tip of the day: If you want to score the 500-pointer consistently in this game, it helps to use one of the most accurate free throw shooting styles ever used in the NBA – the underhanded or “granny style” shot.

Super Pinball

While most of the crowd favourites from the earlier rendition of SuperPark have been resurrected, there are new additions as well, such as archery. Although archery was challenging (and I only managed to get one shot on target after several tries), I wish it hadn’t replaced the soccer penalty kick game. The penalty kicks were hyper-realistic as the machine-operated goalkeeper could dive in a split second at all angles to stop shots. I have been relishing the opportunity to finally score a goal against the goalkeeper.

Skate Park

There are activities to cater to all ages as well as different skill and fitness levels. The younger tots would enjoy the Kids’ Gym and Pedal Car Track. Older ones would love the Trampoline, Flying Fox and Skate & Scoot. Valo Jump proved to be the biggest hit with its hilariously interactive game feature all while bouncing on a trampoline. Don’t forget to get the video recording of the game sent to you once you’re done jumping and laughing your head off.

Super Interactive Valo Jump

You will be glad to know SuperPark is taking safe management measures seriously and controlling capacity by limiting play sessions to two hours per session. All equipment is also wiped down and sanitised after every use.

Kids Gym

Virtual Parkour

SuperPark reopens on 9 April 2021 so bring your kids down for a SuperFun time!

SuperPark Singapore
3 Temasek Boulevard,
Suntec City Mall, #02-477 (North Wing)
Singapore 038983
Tel: +65 6239 5360

Opening hours: Weekdays, 11:30 am to 9 pm; Weekends, Public & School Holidays: 10am to 10 pm

Tickets (per 2-hour play session):
– Juniors (<100cm): $23.90 (Public), $19.90 (*Partners price)
– Students (weekdays, excluding school and public holidays): $28.90 (Public), $24.90 (*Partners price)
– All others: $33.90 (Public), $29.90 (*Partners price)
– Babies under 1 enter free

*Partners include OCBC, DBS, PAssion Card, SAFRA cardholders and more


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