Dyson Set to Iron Out All Competition With Its Latest Hair Straightener


On 10 March, James Dyson took to the web to unveil the tech giant’s latest brainchild. The Dyson CorraleTM straightener was made known to the world via live stream, and now the beauty industry is all abuzz about this stylish new gadget.

Dyson has made a name for itself as a frontrunner in home appliances, fuelled by a relentless drive to innovate and redefine everyday technology with their engineering expertise. Building on the success of the Dyson Airwrap launched back in October 2018, Dyson deepens its foray into the haircare realm with the Dyson CorraleTM.

This revolutionary hair straightener has been in the works for nearly a decade, with researchers behind the scenes pushing the limits of design and development to attain perfection. In the process, some self-sacrificial experiments even include male engineers growing out their locks or beards, or donning wigs to test prototypes on themselves! The final product is an outcome of comprehensive user trials that span 800 participants in five countries, alongside advice from top stylists such as Jen Atkin and Jon Reyman.

The Dyson Corrale features a pioneering flexing plate technology that conforms to each section of hair for even tension.

The science of hair straightening is pretty simple. Our hair contains a multitude of hydrogen bonds, which are broken by a combination of heat, tension and control. When reapplied, these bonds can be formed again and reshaped as we like, creating all the styles you need for your day.

The Dyson CorraleTM is groundbreaking as the only straightener that uses flexing plate technology, each painstakingly designed to be 65 microns in width to match human hair. These patented flexing plates gently gather and mould themselves around each strand of hair, allowing for precise degrees of control and less heat being required for each styling manoeuvre. It also utilises Dyson’s Intelligent Heat Control for carefully calibrated heat settings—you can choose between 165°C, 185°C and 210°C to find the right combination to suit your needs.

Dyson’s Intelligent Heat Control contains a platinum sensor and microprocessor unit to control temperatures to minimise heat damage to your hair.

So what does this all mean for you? Without these plates, purely flat hair irons have been known to only work well on the thickest parts captured, leaving stray strands unheated or certain sections looking better than others. The overall look becomes messy, and with repeated passes, your hair loses its strength and glorious sheen. Compared to traditional straighteners, the plates of the Dyson CorraleTM will provide you with optimal control to apply even tension to each section of hair, so the styling process becomes easier and more intuitive than ever. Having been tested on a range of hair types, it is suited for all hair lengths, textures, or style demands, providing consistent results across them all.

One additional exciting feature is its cord-free operation. Fitted with a four cell lithium-ion battery, it works its stuff even while cordless. It charges in 70 minutes to give you about 30 minutes of freedom to style on the go. Alternatively, if you’ll need it to last longer, simply snap on its magnetic 360° charging cable for a hybrid charging mode. Even better, there’s a flight mode feature for it to easily comply with air travel guidelines and fit snugly in your carry-on baggage. Sleek and functional, it’s definitely gained some practicality points in our book.

You’ve probably heard terrible things about what heat damage does to your precious locks. But when you need to tame your tresses into curls or straight finishes to complete your look, this straightener is your best bet at perfecting it without excessive heat. Dyson’s unique technology is once again upping the ante of the beauty world, so keep your eyes peeled for this game-changer when it hits the Dyson stores.


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