Tourism New Zealand Wants You to Start the Day Right With a ‘Good Morning’


Has anyone greeted you ‘good morning’ today? Well, if no one has done so, Tourism New Zealand would like to do so.

You might not know it, but New Zealand is one of the first few places in the world to see the sun rise every day before the rest of the world. That serves as one of the inspirations for Tourism New Zealand’s new content series called ‘Good Morning World’ as part of a new campaign. Done in a storytelling form, New Zealanders will share a ‘Good Morning World’ welcome message from their own sunrise, every day for the whole of next year.

“This new approach to our storytelling brings to life the unique nature of New Zealand,” said Steven Dixon, Regional Manager for South and South East Asia of Tourism New Zealand. “We set out to treat our visitors like whānau [family]which is underpinned by the Māori concept of manaakitanga [hospitality], creating deep connections between people, extending hospitality, care and respect.”

He added: “In Māori culture, dawn is a significant time of the day – every dawn, we celebrate life and new beginnings. With each morning, we acknowledge its potential. This content series is our own unique way to highlight the warm and welcoming nature of our people. We believe that this is one of the reasons more Singaporeans are travelling to New Zealand.”

Singaporeans visiting New Zealand will also get the chance to create their own ‘Good Morning World’ video. To do so is simple in three simple steps – film yourself saying ‘Good Morning World’ from a chosen spot, share what you are up to that morning, and wish the world a good day. You can then share your video by tagging @GoodMorningWorldNZ or #GoodMorningWorldNZ on Instagram or Facebook.

To follow the campaign and the daily ‘Good Morning World’ messages, check out the official 100% Pure New Zealand YouTube page and also @GoodMorningWorldNZ on Instagram and Facebook.


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