This Brand of Chicken is Favoured by Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Thailand


People say you are what you eat. In this day and age, organic produce has become the new standard of excellence as we become more conscious with what we consume. But it’s not enough – premium taste, quality and food safety are equally important. A product of Thai food conglomerate CP Foods, UFarm’s Benja Chicken is a good choice of food for those looking for premium-grade organic poultry. The brand’s philosophy of providing customers with naturally delicious products and its method of farming clearly puts Benja Chicken in a class of its own.

Chicken Royalty

Raised without using growth hormones or antibiotics, Benja Chicken is 100% natural and certified by the American NSF International. The chickens are fed with filtered water and brown rice – a superfood rich in Gamma-Aminobutyric acid, antioxidants and vitamins B3, B6 and B9.

“Benja”, which stands for five in traditional Thai, practices the five freedom of animal welfare to raise chicken. Not only are they well-fed, the chickens go through consistent health checks, as well as live in a strictly disinfected, and cage-free environment in 25°C temperature. UFarm adheres to stringent farming practices in an effort to prevent any disease and extraneous materials from entering. All vehicles must be cleaned and disinfected before entering the farm. In fact, you’ll have to take a shower and wash your hair before entering the farm.

The Choice of Michelin-Starred Restaurants

So what’s the difference between corn-fed chicken and brown-rice-fed chicken? Corn-fed chicken carries yellow-hued meat that tend to turn mushy and dry when cooked. On the other hand, the meat of chicken fed with brown rice will appear pinkish-red in colour; its meat is more tender and juicier. Because of its prime texture, Benja Chicken is the preferred choice of many chefs of Michelin-starred restaurants in Thailand such as Saneh Jaan, Siam Wisdom and Paste.

From left: Joyce Yap Vice President of CP Intertrade Singapore, Mrs Nitinantana Vongphakdi Spouse of Ambassador of Thailand to Singapore, His Excellency, H.E Mr Manopchai Vongphakdi Ambassador of Thailand to Singapore, Chef Haikal Jokari Executive Chef of Alma by Juan Amador, Anat Julintron CP Foods Executive Vice President of International Business, Mr Karan Sangfai CP Foods Senior Vice President (Head of Asia and USA) and  Suvittaya Asavariengchai CP Foods General Manager of Overseas Marketing

Thanks to our sophisticated demand for the perfect chicken, Singapore has been chosen as the first market outside of Thailand for Benja Chicken to be launched internationally. Endorsed by His Excellency Manopchai Vongphakdi, Ambassador of Thailand, Benja Chicken celebrates its debut in Singapore by collaborating with one-Michelin-starred restaurant Alma to serve up a spellbinding four-course meal using its products.

Taste its Superiority

Chicken Roulade

If these pictures had you mouth-watering, you’ll be glad to know that  you can have a taste of Benja Chicken at Alma. Chicken Terrine, Chicken Roulade and Wild Berries will be available at Alma for just S$39++ per person. Be quick though, this special three-course lunch menu will only be available for three months from 3 September 2019.

Retailing from S$10.50, Benja Chicken will be available at major supermarkets from end October 2019 onwards.


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