NIOXIN Uncovers How Hair Thinning and Social Media Affects Confidence


Hair loss can be a looming concern that affects your psychological, social, and physical well-being. Withdrawing from social participation in real life or online is a significant negative impact of thinning hair, according to NIOXIN Global Research and Yale University psychologist Dr Marianne LaFrance. In fact, a quarter of 4,000 respondents across six markets (27%) stated they would avoid social interactions if they experienced hair thinning.

The psychological impact of hair thinning

Six in 10 respondents admit feeling anxious and self-conscious about hair thinning, 68% of whom were 25 to 34-year-olds. Over half of women respondents (52%) and a third of men (33%) reported being less likely to take a selfie and upload pictures onto social media if they were to experience hair thinning.

Social avoidance is even more prevalent in this digital age where we share our life-moments online for all to see. Coupled with the pressure to appear “insta-ready”, the lack of confidence in their appearance on social media can cause one to shrink away from enjoying life to the fullest. Yale University psychologist, Dr Marianne LaFrance argues: “The NIOXIN Global Research data clearly shows that the experience of hair thinning leads some people to reduce the uploading of photographs to social media sites because they have concerns about their appearance and prefer not to leave a permanent record of how they look.”

NIOXIN’s 3D Solution – the answer to the search for thicker, fuller hair

Understanding that consumers today are more concerned with hair thinning than ever before, NIOXIN has developed a new range of improved formulas that targets the three factors for thicker, fuller hair: the derma to promote a healthy scalp, the density of hair, and diameter of the hair strand – hence, 3D Solutions.

The NIOXIN product range includes:

  • 3D Care Systems, the brand’s first innovation in colour protection and enhancement while delivering thicker, fuller hair
  • 3D Expert Care, in-salon products with Colour Lock technology that also increases breakage protection
  • 3D Intensive Care that provides an instant boost targeting the diameter and density of hair
  • 3D Instant Fullness – the perfect dry shampoo designed to deliver 2x fuller hair within seconds.

“We hope the new innovations in our 3-Part Systems Kit instil confidence for those experiencing hair thinning who want fuller hair and don’t want to compromise on hair colour, so they can embrace a fuller life and share without hesitation,” says Ai Choo Fernandez, NIOXIN Education Manager.

Nioxin products are available on Lazada, selected hair salons and Tangs. 


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