Treat Your Legs to the OSIM uStiletto


With 40 years of inspiring well-being under their belt. OSIM, a customer-centric brand that aims to help its customers feel good and look good, did not disappoint me with their uStiletto leg massager. The uStiletto is portable, lightweight and comes with five massage programs customized specially to provide soothing massages to relieve muscle aches and strains in your feet and calves.

  1. Pamper – Combination of gentle and comfortable massage techniques soothes discomfort
  2. Relief – Emulating the agile kneading and pressing massage techniques of a professional masseur, this program relieves the tension accumulated on tired legs and ankles
  3. Beauty – Intense airbag massage improves circulation and metabolism in the legs, reducing water retention, toning and tightening muscles, achieving healthier and beautiful legs.
  4. Reflexology – Strong reflexology massage helps improve metabolism for better well-being, giving you a healthy glow.
  5. Sleep – Gentle and soothing, relaxes body and mind for a restful beauty sleep.

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past year or two and haven’t heard of the OSIM uStiletto, here’s my personal experience with it.

We use our legs daily for all sorts of reasons, be it to exercise, to buy food, or simply to go to work. We’re on our feet so often but they’re usually not pampered often enough. So after I got the OSIM uStiletto, I like to treat my legs to a nice Reflexology and Beauty session once every week to help improve my metabolism, blood circulation and further tone and shape my legs.

Whenever I have the free time before bed, I’d turn on the Sleep, and Warm function of the uStiletto to relax my muscles to get myself ready for a good night’s rest. As a writer, this is really useful for me because my brain is usually squeezed dry and exhausted at the end of the day so quality sleep is definitely crucial for me to be productive the next day.

Aside from just constantly sitting in front of my laptop and writing articles, I exercise at least twice a week and the uStiletto has definitely helped me out in my journey to becoming more physically fit.

I’m not one to skip leg day, so I usually have at least one gym session where I focus on using the elliptical machine, cycling and the weights machine. These workouts usually take a toll on my calves and my feet, the journey home after a leg day session is always the longest and the most painful, wobbling all the way home with my jellified legs.

And the torture only continues the day after leg day. But with the uStiletto around, it has definitely helped me out tremendously with my post-gym suffering. The Relief option helps to relieve my tense and tired muscles from my workouts. It also promotes faster muscle recovery which cuts down the post-workout muscle soreness. It makes gym sessions midweek less dreadful, I don’t have to worry too much about being too sore or tired to be productive for work which honestly, indirectly gets me to workout more often per week.

Did we also mention that the OSIM Sundown Marathon Singapore 2019 is coming soon? It’ll be happening on 1st June. Know what’s going to help you with the muscle soreness, tenseness and recovery after the marathon? That’s right. The OSIM uStiletto. Make use of this event as an excuse to treat your legs to something nice, buy yourself or get your significant other to buy you a shiny new OSIM uStiletto.

We have something nice for you too. Quote ASIA449 by 30 June to enjoy the OSIM uStiletto at $449 (UP: $599).


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