Klook and Shangri-La Partner Up to Give You More Reasons to Travel


The arrival of social media, thousands of applications and e-services has heralded a revolution for the travel industry. Holiday-goers now have more ways than ever to indulge themselves in their ideal getaways. Keeping abreast with these developments, Klook and luxury hotel brand Shangri-La have joined forces in a strategic partnership that is set to shake things up in the field.

The first of its kind, this groundbreaking alliance will allow Klook’s innovative ideas to enhance Shangri-La’s services, engage its younger consumer base, providing for their on-the-go demands with only the best solutions. Its aim is simple — to empower Shangri-La’s guests to access premium and choice travel options with ease, to customise their most enjoyable holiday possible.

While Klook and Shangri-La’s partnership promises far more programmes in the near future, some early initiatives are already in place, in time for your first indulgent vacation of 2019. A first look into the strategic tie-up brings us the Klook Concierge service, as well as the Golden Circle Award Point Redemption.

With the Klook Concierge Service, holidays are even more hassle-free. Travellers can forget about planning itineraries weeks in advance and clogging their inboxes with dozens of booking confirmations. A touch of a tablet at the hotel concierge secures you a booking at a Klook destination – be it a foodie haunt, an outdoor adventure or day tour out. Guests can make a quick trip to the concierge to browse and make bookings within minutes, and proceed with their day’s line-up with just a handy QR code or e-Voucher.

The service has been launched in three destinations from December 2018: Shangri-La Hotel Bangkok, Shangri-La Hotel Singapore and Kowloon Shangri-La in Hong Kong. As a further treat for hotel guests, members of Shangri-La’s Golden Circle will receive 100 Award Points for each booking made through the Klook Concierge, and until the end of February, you can even save a little more with a 5% discount on all of Klook’s offerings.

Another step in this pioneer project is an added element to the Golden Circle Award Point Redemption, where members can now exchange their accumulated points for experiences on the Klook menu. For now, these redemptions apply to a curated selection of activities in destinations like Singapore, Bangkok, Beijing and Shanghai. Golden Circle members can soak up these experiences in the meantime, while anticipating the release of over 60,000 Klook options, set for the third quarter of the year. This special initiative truly maximises the experience for Shangri-La’s guests, to personalise their trip and top things off with a bonus from Klook’s comprehensive collection.

Klook and Shangri-La’s promising partnership is all set to roll out unique ways for you to experience the world in luxury and enrich your travels at a single swipe. It’s as if we didn’t already have enough reasons to want to go on holiday. Quick, grab your calendars and snap up those long weekend leave dates before the rest of your colleagues do!


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