Fujifilm’s Latest Instax Camera Reminds Us of the Old Instagram Logo


Sometimes, it is cool to be square. We are talking about Fujifilm’s instax SQUARE SQ6 camera.

The new camera is a square format analog Instax camera. Essentially, it is an instant film camera with a 1:1 aspect ratio and the photos rendered come in a 2.4-inch by 2.4-inch square format. The camera comes in three colours, namely white, gold and grey, with looks that are reminiscent of the old Instagram logo.

The Instax Square SQ6 is built for the non-professional and non-technical users in mind. It is equipped with an auto-exposure feature and a sensor that adjusts the shutter speed according to its surroundings’ brightness so users need not tweak the settings manually. There are also three colour filters – orange, purple and green – to be fitted over the flash for those bold enough to add an artistic flair to their photos.

Filters in three colours add a textured look.

And of course, in this millennial era of selfies, the camera comes with a selfie mode, which adjusts the brightness and focus to ensure better close-ups. The cute part – the camera has a tiny mirror next to the lens so you can see yourself when taking selfies.

Macro mode (left) and landscape mode (right).

The camera also features interesting shooting modes. One such mode is the double exposure mode that lets you superimpose two images onto one single film. Additional modes such as the Macro mode and the Landscape mode ensure the photography buff is not left out. The Macro mode lets you shoot subjects as close as 30cm while the Landscape mode allows for long-distance shooting from a distance of 2 metres.

Double exposure mode.

The Instax Square SQ6 retails at S$219 and is available at all Fujifilm authorised dealers. The Fujifilm Instax film is sold separately.


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