Atlas Unleashes the Power of Loewe OLED TVs


For the past 80 years, German-based Loewe has created their signature handmade products, with the finest finishings and up-to-date technology. The brand is remarkable for its sophisticated and thoughtful engineering, with over 200 international design awards to its name. The OLED TV family is the epitome of their expertise, and demonstrates their excellent precision and quality.

Atlas Sound & Vision – the Singapore distributor of Loewe – had a recent showcase of their Loewe OLED TVs. Known for their premium audio and visual offerings, Atlas did not disappoint with their new curated choie – the Loewe blid 3, 5 and 7 series televisions delivered a breathtaking viewing experience, one they hope to bring to consumers all around Singapore.

Atlas had carefully redesigned their showroom at Millenia Walk into a modern day home — minimalistic and practical, yet allowing each of the blid devices to stand out as centrepieces. The sleek screens have ultra-thin displays, beating even our everyday smartphones. The blid 3 and 5 series have 4.9mm displays, while the elegant blid 7 carries a 7mm display.

The blid 5 rests on the stylish Loewe floor stand, for a clean and classy appearance.

The three different screens were set up separately, showing the variety of styles and environments the blid series can seamlessly incorporate itself into. The blid 3.55 is a simple solution for basic entertainment settings, while the oak wood element of the blid 5 raises the bar and adds a soulful touch. Finally, the blid 7 is an impressive masterpiece of its own, bold and modern.

The OLED TVs come with customisable add-ons: from the sound system to placement, they ensure an audio-visual experience that is uniquely yours. Wall-mounted, resting on the table, or fitted on the iconic Loewe floor stand, customers are empowered to make their own choices that best embrace the Loewe design.

Movie buffs will be pleased to know they can enjoy their favourite films with brilliant graphics and the best colour display. The devices make this possible by incorporating three HDR standards, HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision. Loewe’s technology has also enabled wide viewing angles so you never miss out on the action from any spot of the room. With its organic light-emitting diode technology, the OLED TVs can achieve perfect blacks to generate stunning contrast, without any back-lighting. As such, you can bid farewell to the clouding effects found on normal LCD displays.

The sensual allure of the blid 7 is enhanced by its VantaVision software, which is Loewe’s innovative venture to explore the blackest substance known to man. Capitalising on the science of Vantablack® that is capable of absorbing light completely, Loewe has renewed the idea of a television screen, redefining standards for vibrant, deep colours.

The blid 7 commands attention as a stunning statement piece, with the powerful soundbar peeking out from the bottom.

Demonstrations on the spot also wowed us with the power of Loewe’s sound systems. These OLED TVs come with built-in front speakers that pack a punch: even the most basic blid 3.55 is equipped with a 2 x 40W speakers, enough to fill the room with high definition sound. The blid 77 continues to amaze with its integrated soundbar, which stealthily hides behind the display when the television is switched off. Once you hit the on button, however, the screen glides upwards gracefully to unveil the soundbar, which generates 120W of output, with crystal clear quality and deep bass, for all the rocking out you need to do. As the televisions are Bluetooth-enabled, you can stream your favourite playlists through the speakers as well.

The personal Loewe experience doesn’t just end with picking the right television size and mount. Further craft your own home entertainment solution by perhaps checking out the optional blid 5 klang soundbar, wireless speakers, or subwoofers that can give you the richest audio experience possible. Atlas, with its roots in renting out records, has always been a steady go-to for state-of-the-art audio equipment. The retailer also provides a variety of other curated audio fittings that are compatible with the blid, so the possibilities for achieving your own exquisite experience are endless. Their range of world-class products and meticulous customer service ensure your trip isn’t just about regular shopping, but making a lifestyle choice.

Available in several colour and size options, the Loewe OLED TVs are available at Atlas Singapore and prices for the blid 3 start from S$4,999.  Visit the Atlas store at 9 Raffles Boulevard #01-34 & #01-35 Millenia Walk Singapore 039596.


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