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If you’ve ever been to Keong Saik Road in Chinatown, you definitely would not miss the iconic heritage building that has been around since 1939. Having passed by it countless times before, I never thought the interior would be so unique until I set foot into the building.

The building houses Potato Head Folk’s four levels of space – Three Buns Dining Kitchen on the second level, Studio 1939 lounge on level three and a rooftop garden bar on the top. Every floor gives off a different vibe. This is certainly the place  to see and be seen.

At Studio 1939, the small sitting place right in front of the bar is the most coveted space. Making small talk with the bartenders and watching them mix your concoctions right in front of your eyes in an intimate setting is actually quite a cosy affair.

Tropicana (S$21).

Incorporating the taste of Bali and Hong Kong, the latest beverages menu by Potato Head Folk features four revamped cocktails. Tropicana (S$21) is a revamped take on the classic mojito. Using Sailor Jerry spiced rum as its base and Plantation Pineapple is added to give the otherwise boring classic a twist. The strong alcohol was impactful, definitely a good starter to start off the night. I love people who take pride in making a good cocktail.

Hey Sailor!!! cocktail (S$21).

Hey Sailor!!! (S$21) is my favourite mix out of the four. Sailor Jerry, Koko Kanu Rum, house pineapple rum, gula melaka and coconut syrup come together to form Singapore’s dessert: chendol. I must admit, I am not a fan of chendol. However, the mixologists did something right that night because I loved the alcoholic chendol cocktail they made. While the cocktail does not have the gritty texture of a real chendol, the crushed ice did a good job of mimicking the shaved ice of a real chendol very well.

Honeydew??? (S$21)

Honeydew??? (S$21) is a lovely concoction of Naked Grouse scotch, coconut water, watermelon juice, watermelon liqueur and sugar syrup. The mixologists have miraculously found a way to make the cocktail taste like honeydew without using the actual fruit. By itself a refreshing drink, it is the perfect cooler in Singapore’s sunny weather.

Kosmos (S$21).

Kosmos (S$21) is actually created in commemoration of the company’s fourth year anniversary. As its name suggests, the cocktail is out of this world. There is a nice tinge of perfume with notes of floral, citrus and a slight bitterness. Hendricks’s gin, Benedictine Dom, raspberry puree, agave syrup and lime juice make up this little glass of celebration. The amount is half of what you will normally get in a regular cocktail sans ice, but I am not complaining because a good drink is meant to be slowly appreciated.


Now, a good tipple needs to be accompanied by good food. I headed to Three Buns for the Honky-Tonk (S$17), which is a buttermilk fried chicken burger slatted with purple coleslaw, lettuce, pickles and finished with some hot sauce mayo for that tangy and slightly spicy bite. Considering that I don’t usually like burgers because I find them messy to eat, I was surprised to find myself liking the Honky-Tonk.

The next time you are in Keong Saik Road, don’t just go walking past the art deco 1939 building. Take a walk inside and you’ll discover surprises like I did.

Potato Head Folk
36 Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089143
Tel: +65 6327 1939

Opening hours: Tue to Sun – 11am to midnight


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