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A water filtration system at home sounds likes a great idea but half the time, they ain’t exactly the most pleasing in the aesthetics department. Water filters come in all shapes and sizes, some of which are unappealing, bulky, or looking rather out of place when fitted to the tap. Well, we have found one that looks as good as it works.

SOMA Water is a San Francisco-based startup that looks to solve these problems in a stylish yet sustainable method. Their pitchers and carafes feature a sleek and functional biodegradable filter that can be easily replaced with its pull-out handle. To develop this technology, they brought water-filtration expert David Beeman on board, who’s responsible for the tech behind multiple global brands, Starbucks included.

The production process itself is as eco-friendly as it can be, so socially responsible buyers like you can have a peace of mind. SOMA makes use of natural, plant-based products, and carbon footprint is minimised by offsetting emissions with forestry. Their commitment to wellness also sees them upcycling post-consumer waste and using recyclable materials for their packaging.

The replaceable SOMA filter is made with carbon of coconut shells, with a plant-based outer casing.

The SOMA filter, which has obtained NSF Standards 53 and 42 certification, uses activated carbon from coconut shells as its main media. Its classy, modern exterior is also eco-friendly, built with sugar cane. This allows it to filter out minute particles like chlorine, mercury, copper and zinc in your tap water directly into your container of choice. This saves the hassle of complicated tubing or installations, because its simple yet clever mechanism does it all. What you get is tap water straight from the pitcher that is safe, fresh, tastes good, and is most of all, ready for serving. SOMA filters are built to handle 150 litres of water, which means they need replacing only around every every months.

For a closer look at what they’ve got, the SOMA filters work in the SOMA Glass Carafe and the SOMA Pitchers. The borosilicate glass carafe works as an ideal table piece for get togethers, filtering 1.4 litres of water at once, to give you six cups. Their pitchers are available in 2 sizes, one with a 1.4 litre capacity, while the other has 2.4 litre capacity and gives 10 cups of clean, filtered water.

Using BPA-free plastic and white oak, the pitchers are safe and built to last. With a minimalist design, they are a pretty addition to the counter top and are also easy to use. Filling it up takes zero effort because the lid opens downwards simply with the pressure of running tap water.

The SOMA Glass Bottle is available in many shades, for everyone to pick their favourite.

The SOMA Pitcher and Glass Carafe make for great gifts for those who love hosting parties at home, or simply enjoy sprucing up the household with practical and sophisticated items. (Hint: Mother’s Day is just around the corner.) However, if you know someone who’s always on-the-go and could use a sturdy bottle, SOMA has also released lightweight glass bottles in a range of unique colours. Shatter-resistant and housed in a soft silicone covering, they provide a solid grip, while remaining slim and minimalistic. These 500ml bottles are an ideal accessory to stay hydrated and look good at the same time.

Apart from just green production processes, SOMA’s dedication to bettering our planet has led to their partnership with NGO charity:water. For the 660 million people around the world with no access to sanitation and safe water, SOMA pledges a portion of each SOMA purchase to programmes that will help improve infrastructure. This way, you help to do good when you buy a SOMA too.

As part of an opening promotion, get up to 28% savings when you shop with SOMA. Pick up any of these items from leading department stores such as Metro, Tangs, BHG and Takashimaya (from May onwards), or online at RedMart and their website soma.com.sg. SOMA Glass Bottles retail at S$43.50 each, while the Glass Carafe and 10-cup Pitchers in White and Black retail at S$79.90.


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