Dom Pérignon Unveils the Second Plenitude of Its 2000 Vintage


Just like the bubbles in champagne, the excitement in the private room at the elegant [email protected] was hard to contain.  Everyone was anticipating the tasting of the long awaited Dom Pérignon Plénitude Deuxième P2 2000.

Maison Winemaker, Vincent Chaperon, was recently in Singapore on 4 July to unveil the Dom Pérignon P2 2000, the second expression of its 2000 Vintage.

The P stands for Plenitude and refers to the defined stages a Dom Pérignon takes in its life and development. The first Plenitude – P1 – is only released after about seven or eight years after harvest. The second Plenitude – P2 – comes after about 15 years while the third Plenitude – P3 – is usually released after about 30 years, following more than 20 years on its lees.

According to Chaperon, the Plenitude is the idea of a moment of radiance where something is showing better. The P2, therefore, conveys the idea of a second radiance and a second stage of how the wine has evolved and intensified after resting on its lees for additional years.

At the launch, we tasted the newly released P2 2000 alongside the Dom Pérignon Vintage 2006, P2 1998 and the Rosé Vintage 2004, paired with delectable canapés specially created by Executive Chef Christopher Millar of [email protected]

The Vintage 2006 is the first expression and the style of champagne that most of us are familiar with. The P2 1998 and P2 2000 have acquired a new expression in their second Plenitude after staying an additional period of years in the cellars. The P2 1998 is intense and velvety with hints of apricot. It went really well with the salty Ikura on Iberico cracker served to us at the event.

The first expression of the Vintage 2000 was launched in 2008. With the additional ageing period of nine years on its lees, the vintage has acquired a new expression in its second Plenitude, marked by extra energy, intensity and depth. There is a lovely warm aroma of brioche with a hint of bergamot orange. Despite the intensity and warm smoky feel, I was surprised a 17-year-old champagne could still taste so fresh. The P2 2000 is definitely worth the wait and Chef Milar did it justice by pairing it with a serve of perfectly cooked French duck breast.

The wine tasting experience has given me a new insight into the development of Dom Pérignon champagne, which expresses its creativity by reinventing itself with each new vintage. Dom Pérignon’s commitment to vintage is absolute — only the best grapes will be used. And in order to protect this commitment and vision to produce the best wine, they are willing to pay the price of not declaring any vintage at all in a particular year. Such is the extraordinary quality and commitment of the finest champagne makers in the world.

Dom Pérignon P2 2000 is available for purchase in limited quantities through specialist retailers as well as Moet Hennessy Diageo Singapore’s private sales channel. Price is available on request. 


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