Feeling Under the Weather? Soothe Your Ailments With Ricola’s Natural Relief Lozenges

If you’re living in a country like Singapore, the sweltering weather is no stranger to you. Especially in June, the weather is so hot and humid it’s easy to succumb to the common flu and cough.
I always make sure I have a packet of lozenges on hand, to combat the occasional sore throat, or simply when my sinuses act up due to air conditioning. Growing up, I loved the Ricola’s Fresh Pearls range simply to suck on as a sweet. Now, with the new Ricola’s Natural Relief Lozenge range, lozenges are now my go-to relief for sore throats and colds.

Ricola’s Natural Relief Extra Menthol Lozenge. Pictured here is the herb-infused Alpine Tonic drink, a refreshing, extra-minty mocktail made from crushed Extra Menthol lozenges.

It may not be immediately apparent to us, but herbs feature greatly in our daily lives due to its therapeutic effects. For example, you may have heard of the more commonly-known herbs, such as peppermint, sage and thyme, which are commonly infused in food, drinks and cocktails. Even spa treatments make use of herbs in essential oils, because of their soothing and relaxing effects.

Every herb used in Ricola’s Natural Relief Lozenge has its own unique properties. Peppermint, which has an anti-inflammatory effect, is used to combat bacterial infectious agents, while horehound, another herb found in Ricola’s Natural Relief lozenges, is known to soothe inflamed respiratory tracts.
Available in three flavours, Ricola’s Natural Relief lozenges are unique as each has a rich syrup core containing menthol, a natural oral anaesthetic, which has the effect of soothing and numbing sore throats and clearing up sinuses.
The newest addition to the Natural Relief range is the Extra Menthol Swiss Mint lozenge filled with mint and menthol syrup – a natural symptomatic relief that clears noses and cools irritated throats. Unlike most mint candies which may leave an acerbic bitter aftertaste, the Extra Menthol Swiss Mint hard candy starts off with a clean, pleasant taste which later erupts to reveal its liquid Mint and Menthol syrup centre. The syrup is intensely invigorating and stronger than most mint-flavoured hard candies. If you are in need of a pick-me-up, this flavour is bound to provide an intensely cool relief for your throat and nose immediately.
The Honey Lemon lozenge, made of sweet honey and tangy lemon, is a hot favourite among consumers. It’s not difficult to see why – its taste is reminiscent of the local Honey Lemon drink, refreshing and soothing for the voice and throat.

Ricola’s Natural Relief Honey Lemon Lozenge. The hot botanic toddy made from Honey Lemon lozenges was comforting and pleasant – perfect for anyone with a cold.

Lastly, the Swiss Cherry herb lozenge is back with a new and improved formula for stronger and faster relief for coughs and irritated throats. As children, most of us would have shuddered at the thought of having to take the medicinal cherry-flavour cough syrup. You would be pleased to know that the Swiss Cherry herb lozenge tastes more like fruity candy than medicine, while delivering on its herbal effects of soothing coughs.

Ricola’s Natural Relief Swiss Cherry Herb Lozenge. Pictured here is the Berry Spitz, which is mixed from crushed Ricola Swiss Cherry lozenges.

Ricola Natural Relief is gluten-free, vegetarian and contains only natural flavourings and colourings. Get yours at supermarkets, convenience stores and pharmacies island-wide.

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