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Recently relocated to Centrepoint, Misato is a hidden gem within the Gastro+ area in Centrepoint, Level 1. This handcrafted Japanese cuisine restaurant might sound unfamiliar to some, but for others, it is the go-to place for premium Japanese cuisine at affordable prices. This contemporary chic restaurant not only serves Japanese cuisine of the best quality, but also pays attention to creating an intimate dining ambience. You can expect to find intricate detailing from exquisite tableware to custom-made furniture flown in from Japan.


As with every quintessential Japanese restaurant, a common side dish is the steam egg, also known as Chawanmushi (S$4.90). Misato’s version stands out from the others as it is made with homemade dashi stock cooked from scratch and you can taste the flavours in every mouthful.

Seafood Kaminabe Set. Photo: Misato

The Seafood Kaminabe Set (S$20.80) is one of the star dishes of the restaurant and possibly the best selection for a hearty meal. With homemade niboshi broth, this Japanese hotpot comes with fresh tiger prawns, Norwegian salmon, chicken, assorted Japanese mushrooms, tofu, vegetables and a bowl of delicious Japanese rice, and not forgetting the unique yuzu dipping sauce that pairs perfectly with the premium ingredients. The broth is sweet and tasty, neither overpowering nor too salty as it is boiled fresh daily with no MSG added.

Cha Soba. Photo: Misato

If you fancy something lighter, the Cha Soba (S$13.80) is a labour of love by Misato. Not only does it look aesthetically pleasing, the refreshing flavour of the Matcha noodles pairs with the dipping sauce like a match made in heaven. It may seem like a run-of-the-mill dish, but it was one of my personal favourites.

Okonomiyaki. Photo: Misato

Generous amount of yam and cabbage fill the pancake (instead of flour).

Okonomiyaki (S$14.90) is another of Japan’s famous traditional cuisine and now, Singaporeans can enjoy an authentic version of this decent savoury pancake at Misato, one that is made from high-quality Japanese yam with crunchy Japanese cabbage as its filling.

Mixed Fried Set. Photo: Misato

Enjoy the melty goodness once you cut open a freshly served cheese korokke

The other main dish that caught my eye (or rather taste buds) was the Mixed Fried Set (S$18.80), which comprises chicken, tiger prawn and cheese korokke coated with fresh panko (bread crumbs) with crispy Japanese shredded cabbage served at the side. A medley of secret ingredients coats the fresh ingredients. Home-cooked miso soup and barley rice round up the set nicely.

Handmade Gyoza. Photo: Misato

To complement the mains, opt for the crispy Handmade Gyoza (S$6.90 for six pieces, S$10.90 for 10 pieces). The distinctive dumplings are filled with steamed chicken and vegetables that are wrapped with the best ingredients. Grilled to crispy perfection on top and steamy goodness within, this is one mouth-watering dish you do not want to miss.

Sanshoku Warabi Mochi. Photo: Misato

Every diner should be compelled to try Misato’s speciality dessert – Sanshoku Warabi Mochi (S$8.80). These mochi are hand-made daily with ingredients air-flown directly from Japan. The entire preparation process takes approximately two hours. The mochi may look like normal to you, but we assure you these sweet treats are anything but ordinary. The mochi melts gently into your mouth and if you find any of the flavours too bitter, just dip the mochi into some brown sugar syrup.

Beyond the impeccable selection of cuisines, affordable price points and amazing dining ambience, Misato is the restaurant to be if you wish to be whisked away to the food paradise of Japan.

Misato Singapore
176 Orchard Road
The Centrepoint, #01-33E
Singapore 238843
Tel: +65 62352822


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