VLV Restaurant Offers a Fresh Spin on Asian Cuisine


Located in the heart of Clarke Quay, VLV Singapore promises to offer a fresh spin at classic Cantonese dim sum and Asian cuisine. With the recently launched lunch sets that combine modern cooking techniques with originality and innovation, Executive Chef Martin Foo’s creations are sure to add colour and novelty to your favourite Asian dishes.

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Probably a more familiar sight in Clarke Quay with night revellers, the VLV Courtyard and Club Lounge are located on level one of the VLV Building. Just above this is where the restaurant is situated and where the magic happens in the day. Look closely and you will notice the distinctly Chinese rooftop motifs, decorative ornaments and historically rich architectural influences throughout the building. This building was actually once a Teochew merchant’s shophouse and is now recognised as a heritage building for conservation.

Photo © VLV Singapore

The recently launched lunch sets – The Creations, Tasting and Signatures lunch sets – have been specially handpicked and put together to suit various tastebuds, occasions and company. Be it for a casual meetup with friends, or a business lunch with corporate clients, both the food and ambience will impress with its versatility and modernity.

Photo © VLV Singapore

For those who desire a lighter meal, try the Creations Lunch set, priced at S$48++ per person (minimum two persons).

The meal starts off with a Trilogy of Dim Sum – ha gao, fish and mushroom dumpling and Singapore chilli crab bun. The chilli crab bun – an interesting take on our national dish – is an all-in-one combo of mantou drowned in its dipping sauce and topped with the succulent crab meat.

Chilli crab bun.

Other dishes in this menu include chrysanthemum tofu soup and matsutake and bamboo fungus, baked Chilean seabass with black olive and white wine butter sauce, and char siew spring onion noodle.

For those who are game to try a wider variety of flavours and have a larger company, consider the Tasting lunch set, which is reasonably priced at S$98++ for four persons (maximum two sets).

Prawn herbal soup

Starting off with dim sum as usual, this was followed by the nutritious herbal soup made from fresh juicy sea prawns. A warm bowl of soup that is both flavourful and nourishing, combining the best of both worlds. It is perhaps the answer to recovering from the previous night’s revelry.


One of my favourites from the menu – the Roselle Flower Osthmanthus Jelly was not only beautifully presented, its floral scent and chewy texture left a very refreshing aftertaste.

Roselle Flower Osthmanthus Jelly

For those keen to indulge in a hearty meal, the Signatures Lunch set – priced at S$138++ for four persons, features some of Chef Martin’s most iconic creations. One of the noteworthy ones is Aburi Kagoshima Kurobuta Roll – a lean pork pairing with crunchy cucumber that creates multiple layers and textures in a mouthful.

Aburi Kagoshima Kurobuta Roll

Next on the menu was the crab meat spinach soup, which is eye-catchingly green with a strong flavour of freshly blended spinach. It is interesting, but I’m guessing it may not go down so well with non-veggie lovers

Crab meat spinach soup.

Steamed coral trout head and belly with black garlic and black bean.

Roasted crispy duck – one of my favourite dishes and a Chef Martin signature – certainly did not disappoint. The meat was succulent and tender, and the skin crispy and fragrant.

Roasted crispy duck.

Kimchi seafood fried rice.

Overall, the food is reasonably priced for its quality and spread, although some diners may be more discerning of fusion cuisine and less willing to splurge on a weekday lunch. I was certainly glad to discover this gem in the middle of sleepy Clarke Quay and am sure many would appreciate its exclusive setting to gather and meet up.

Perhaps a little midweek indulgence wouldn’t harm?

The three new lunch sets are now available at VLV on weekdays at the following prices:
Creations – S$48++ per person (minimum 2 persons)
Tasting – S$98++ for 4 persons (maximum 2 sets per group)
Signatures – S$138++ for 4 persons (maximum 2 sets per group)

VLV Singapore
3A River Valley Road
Clarke Quay #01-02
Singapore 179020
Tel: +65 6661 0197

Opening hours (lunch): 12pm to 3pm


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