Movie-Goers in Singapore Don’t Get to See This Deadpool Pre-Movie Short for Logan


Marvel movies typically have a post-credits scene, but for those who have watched Logan, you probably already know the movie does not have one. Instead, Logan gets a pre-movie short starring Deadpool. Not for the theatres in Singapore, though.

Titled No Good Deeds, the short has just been released online, albeit differing slightly from the one running in the movie theatres. Some of the differences include the appearance of Stan Lee and the first song.

In the movie theatre version, the short shows Deadpool take off his headphones, with Juice Newton’s Angel in the Morning playing (the online version plays John Parr’s St. Elmo’s Fire/Man in Motion).

You can see the references to Logan in the display behind the phone booth and the Logan poster in the alley. There are a lot more Easter eggs hidden in the short. See if you can find them all:



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