Rose Tea Is a Trending Drink in Bangkok Now


Fans of Thai iced milk tea might be familiar with Cha Tra Mue, the popular brand which has been selling Thai tea since 1945. Earlier this month, Cha Tra Mue kicked off a new tea trend in Thailand with the introduction of a rose tea drink.

Priced at 55 baht, the rose tea is offered in three flavours: Rose Milk Tea, Honey Rose Tea and Lychee Rose Tea. According to Cha Tra Mue, the new beverages have been so popular that they are sold out. But fret not — they will be back in April.

Based on what we read on Cha Tra Mue’s Facebook page, rose tea aids detoxification and is particularly helpful for those with constipation. Well, we are not sure about the purported health benefits of the drink, but we sure want to grab a cup the next time we are in Thailand.


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Visit Cha Tra Mue’s website for details on its store locations.


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